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How to Write a College Essay on Yourself

Writing a college essay on yourself is the equivalent of writing a personal statement. You write a personal statement for different purposes, such as when you are making an application for a scholarship, internship, or employment. This means that you have to evaluate the context within which you are writing your college essay. As a college student, you have a lot of pertinent information about yourself that you can include in your college essay.

Nonetheless, an excessively wordy essay bores the reader. You do not want the reader to push your essay aside on grounds of it being unnecessarily lengthy. This is why you should adequately understand the context of your essay, and limit the scope to suit the objective. That said, writing a college essay on yourself must begin by an identification of your personal career objective. More often than not, many college students do not identify a succinct career objective until they are in their final academic year. This is all right, provided you can draft an objective as and when required. A viable recommendation to follow when writing a college essay on yourself is to be acquainted with the objective of the organization or group to which you are writing the essay. To the greatest extent possible, you should align your personal objective with the mission of your potential employer or sponsor. However, this must not be a cut-and-paste job, in which you copy mission statement. The objective should come first in your essay, and should be highlighted either in bold or in block letters.

After stating the objective, you should furnish the reader with an accurate background of your education. This should begin with the most recent educational achievement. If you are still in college, you should indicate that you are currently in a certain academic year, pursuing a given course in a certain institution. Remember to state the year you joined college. After this, you should indicate any short courses you pursued after completing high school. The next thing to do when writing a college essay on yourself is to list any extracurricular activities that you engage in, or have engaged in in the past. Try as much as possible to resist the temptation of including activities that are of little substance to your potential sponsor or employer. A useful tip to ensure this is to concentrate more on activities that benefit the community and help in skill-acquisition and building. If you regularly take part in voluntary activities, the better for you because chances of your essay being considered a winning one are increased. Additionally, present a short list of between three and five hobbies that do not portray you as a person who loves so much fun. It is not bad to have fun, but remember you need to impress the reader that you are a focused person. As a word of caution, keep your personal essay as truthful as possible. Your professor knows a lot about you, so avoid lying.

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