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How to Use Pathos in a Persuasive Essay

When it comes to writing, a persuasive essay is geared towards positing arguments that will convince your audience that your views and ideas are valid and should be accepted. Of course, your arguments must be strong enough to convince and groundbreaking to reason with people’s opinions. It means that here a form of data submission plays an important role and you must present statements in a persuasive manner. You can do this through three main techniques, and they include ethos, pathos and logos.

Ethos simply means the concept of convincing people through authoritative stats or experienced and well-known people. This stems from the fact that we tend to believe and agree with the ones who we respect much and trust their judgments.

Logos means persuasion based on the unaided power of human reason. Human reasoning is used as the main concept, as the audience is called to deeply consider the idea posited, so as to confirm its veracity with both inductive and deductive reasoning.

But the main concept that must be mentioned is pathos. It presupposes using an appeal to emotions to get the reader to believe in what you write. Here, the core persuasion lies on the emotional side of people’s minds and the choice of language. However, this seems to be the most difficult, as you have to find out what the audience is emotionally attached to. When you do, you put them in that mood so that all the ideas you posit will be well received by them.

The in-thing here is that you must have a good knowledge of the psychology of the human mind in general and that of the audience in particular. With this, you can work on their psyche to make them either very angry towards a circumstance or very happy as the case may be. This has many options that can make it fly. Creating a feeling of shame, or lack of it, kindness or lack of it or even emulation can go a long way in making people pay attention to your arguments and discuss them.

This is actually the most used method for persuasive writing in religion and politics. It is based on the saying that “in a two horse race, emotion wins the argument instead of reason.”

You use the pathos method to invoke some level of sympathy from the audience, based on anger and calmness, friendship and enmity, shame and shamelessness, pity and indignation, kindness and unkindness, envy and emulation, etc.

When you want to pose an argument in the pathos manner, you have to know what their state or mind of audience is, where their emotions are directed and why they feel the way they do. When you set out to ague, make use of rhetorical and stylistic devices, choose the best and most appropriate words, make the rightful delivery with proper tones, volume and speed, use metaphor and try to tell a story. You must also use the right frame of mind. Be authentic, don’t sound unreal and be human in the argument.

For instance, you can campaign for an elective post by expanding about people dying because of bad governance. In terms of advertisements, it can involve making people feel empathy for animals and animal rights group by showing images of abused animals.

As you can see, there are many ways to use pathos in persuasive paper writing and it will surely be beneficial for you arguments. Make appeal to emotions and your essay will be extremely convincing!

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Sep 23, 2015