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2 Minute Presentation Topics on Modern Architecture

If you are tasked with giving a presentation on modern architecture, you have the unique opportunity to introduce a not well known aspect of buildings and their history. While 2 minutes are not that long, it is still long enough to give your classmates an introduction to one aspect of architecture you might find fascinating.2 minute presentation topics

If you are in need of 2 minute presentation topics on modern architecture then consider the list of 20 topics below:

  1. How Social Housing Architecture Is Changing
  2. Urban Redevelopment: Architectural Assessments and Change
  3. The Role Played by the Church of England in Maintaining National Architecture
  4. Preserving National Heritage: How Modern Architecture Must Remake Historic Buildings
  5. Global Cultural Spaces: How Architecture Reflects Identity
  6. Sustained Buildings: Combining Nature and Architecture
  7. University Architecture and Design: The Search for Modern Perfection
  8. The Rich Decoration of Venetian Style Architecture
  9. Victorian-Edwardian Styles of Modern Architecture
  10. What Changing Architectural Styles Tell about the Civic Pride in Modern Architecture
  11. The Political Aesthetic of Foster’s Dome
  12. The Americanization of British Urban Architecture
  13. Reinventing Civic Design with Modern Architecture
  14. Environmentally Friendly Architecture: How Modern Utilities Have Changed Architectural Standards
  15. Clean Lines Creating Challenges for Modern Maintenance
  16. The Influence of Islam on the Architecture of Turkey: How Changing Rulers Changed the Construction
  17. The Influence of Christianity on Architecture: The Incorporation of Religious Artwork on Public Buildings
  18. The Geometric Shapes Used in Islamic Construction: How Interior Designs Reflect Internal Beliefs
  19. The Decline of Modern Architecture
  20. How Architecture Expresses More than Structure: The Historical Lessons Hidden in Each Building

The first thing you must note is that nearly all academic writing is opinionated to some degree, meaning that no matter what you are writing, your goal is to present your opinion, often supported with facts. That being said, when writing on this particular topic, your goal is to present enough facts to support your point of view.

Once you have a topic, you must start writing out the key points you want to cover. By writing a short draft or outline the same as you would do in an essay, you can review what you have and time your speech before you stand up in front of the class.

Editing is important, but you should not rush it. Start at least 24 hours after you produce your first draft. In addition to this you want to make sure that your sentences flow smoothly and all of your thoughts or ideas are properly connected. You want to finally look over everything for spelling or grammar mistakes. Print out a copy too! Reading it out loud gives you the opportunity to catch smaller errors that might have gone otherwise unnoticed. Having the red pen with you allows you to write down immediately what areas need to be fixed so that once you are done, you can go back and make any necessary changes before printing out your final copy.

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