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Essay on Pagan Arguments against Christianity

This is a sample essay on Pagan Arguments against Christianity:
The Pagans persecuted the Christians and made many arguments against Christianity. Some pagans thought that Christians were atheists because they scorned the traditional pagan gods. The Christians either denied the existence of pagan gods or called them evil. The pagans, who believed in their gods just as strongly as the Christians believed in their god, feared that their gods would not look favorably upon the Roman Empire anymore because of the Christians’ blasphemy.

The pagans genuinely misunderstood the beliefs and practices of Christianity. A pagan historian named Tacitus was one of many who opposed Christianity because it was seen by the pagans as a bizarre new sect. Tacitus believed that Christians despised the human race. Tertullian spoke out against these accusations in support of Christianity. He specified what Christians would be willing and would not be willing to do in the company of their pagan neighbors. Tertullian said that despite the bad treatment the pagans gave them at times, the Christians had never retaliated.

Jul 5, 2010