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How to Write a Research Paper in APA format

Writing in APA
When asked to write a research paper, it can be a very daunting process, but when it is required to be written in APA format it can intimidate even the most competent writer.

Foremost in learning how to write a research paper in APA format you will need to understand the APA style and what the basics are in the APA format. The APA format is the official writing style of the American Psychological Association and is used most commonly in psychology, educational and social science papers. Examples of APA research papers would be when one has to write case studies, literature reviews and methodological articles. Before starting to write your research paper in the APA format it is important to pay special attention to the directions given to you in regards to the paper. You will be expected to follow certain guidelines as stipulated by your lecturer. It is also advisable to keep a bibliography of all your sources while you are busy researching your paper, this will allow you to write your reference list with ease once our paper is complete.

Writing Your Research Paper
A research paper is in short a presentation of your research done on a specific topic. It is based on your information gathered from a variety of sources and allows you a way to communicate them in a logical and clear way. Your paper should include four main sections: Your title page, which should be no longer than twelve words; followed by a comprehensive summary of your paper, which is titled “Abstract” and should only be around two hundred words; your main section which is the actual essay and where you would present your findings; and lastly, your references which will list all of your sources alphabetically.

The basic rules for writing a research paper in APA format are as follows: the recommended typeface is Times New Roman with a 12 point font size. One-inch margins and double spacing are required throughout the paper. Each page must be numbered consecutively, and must be done in Arabic numerals, this will include your title page and reference page. The numbering must appear in the upper right hand corner. Short titles are to be used throughout the paper, which must be a derivation of the title of the paper. I would advise though that you refer to latest edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association if you are going to tackle writing your own research paper in APA format.

APA Research Writing Assistance
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Apr 23, 2013