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Admission Essay on Nursing

My philosophy with regards to nursing is closely related to my deep desire to assist people. I want to be a nurse because of many reasons, one being that I love helping people, caring for people. and generally being there for people in terms of need. My desire for nursing became stronger some years ago when I did volunteer work in a hospital. The little work I did there ignited my passion for nursing since I felt that it is only through nursing that I will be able to satisfy the passion that I have for serving and helping people. Also, I want to do nursing because I believe that besides prescribed medicine, good care is also a cure to many of the ailments that plague patients. With a little love and care, a patient can feel more relaxed and, therefore, be better positioned to heal. Consequently, I believe that once I become a nurse, I will make a great difference in the lives of many people by helping them to recover from their various ailments.

One of the philosophies that I deeply hold dear is my belief that one’s state of mind affects the general health status of that individual. An individual can only be gravely ill if he believes in his mind that he is gravely ill. With the training that I hope to receive in nursing school, I expect to be able to understand patients and what they are going through. In doing so, I can do what is needed to help them feel better and, therefore, recover faster from their various ailments. I also believe that true care is that which reinforces the relationship between the nurse and the patient. Additionally, in order to improve the recovery rate of a patient, it is important to provide that patient with the right kind of atmosphere or environment. This means setting up the recovery room in such a way that it helps the patient to sense the soothing and healing effects just from the ambience of his environment. Before nurses can be able to provide this kind of care, they should first understand themselves so they can better treat patients. For me, nursing is more of a calling that a profession

I also have a unique perception of health. Being healthy is the lack of disease in the body of a human being. However, I also believe that the health of an individual entails living harmoniously and having balance in the mind, soul, and body. The role of nursing is not only limited to helping patients and assisting doctors, but it mostly entails taking care of all those under ones care.

Admission essay writing tips:
For this essay, one is expected to write what one believes about nursing, which could also be one’s philosophy with regards to nursing. Basically, this essay is written to show the reader the reason why selecting the applicant for the nursing program is a good idea. To convince the reader that admitting the applicant to the program is a good idea, the applicant needs to demonstrate that he or she is not just interested in the nursing program but is actually passionate about the nursing career. This essay will also entail discussing the role of a nurse.

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Aug 14, 2014