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Accounting is a broad discipline that incorporates numerous aspects including decision-making processes, management skills and oversight activities. Accounting reports are critical aspects for the success of students and accounting professionals. Despite being a requirement for all students and accounting scholars, accounting reports are extremely decisive tools which can be used for updating the top level management on the organisation's financial position (Kimmel, Carlon, Loftus, Mladenovic, Kieso and Weygandt, 2006). Accounting reports present a critical and systematic analysis of the outputs generated by accountants in an organisation or government agency. Accounting reports should follow the existing rules and regulations that govern business operation in both international and local markets.

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An effective accounting report should include various components including the underlying theories, the definitions of terminologies and concepts that are used in the report, and recommendations for improvement. Writing an accounting report helps accounting professionals and students in becoming critical citizens and managers, informed professionals, as well as active practitioners in an organisation. Accounting reports also helps students and managers to develop the ability of preparing, interpreting, and exploring financial reports for the benefits of individual development, external shareholders and the development of the company. Accounting report writing helps managers to advance their productivity. Through report writing, stakeholders get an understanding of the business financial position in the market and the areas that require radical improvement. Accounting reports also helps students to understand the significance of financial reports in business operation and management.

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Accounting reports help government agencies in identifying the available financial resources and the most effective means of utilising the acquired resources. Accounting reports is also responsible for advancing accountability and transparency in financial management. Financial auditors also rely on company's accounting reports in examining how resources have been utilised in an organisation. Despite informing managers on the organisation's financial position, accounting reports offer informative services to accounting scholars and students.

Due to the increasing demand for accounting reports, various organisations have been established to offer accounting report writing services. Companies that offer accounting report writing services are, in most cases, comprised of qualified and experienced experts from various professional backgrounds. Some organisations have also established departments that are responsible for writing accounting reports. Despite having the mandate of writing accounting reports, the departmental reports need to be approved by the top management body. Both external and internal auditors use departmental accounting reports to examine how the organisation has utilised its resources. There is also the existence of business entities which are established for the purposes of compiling accounting reports on behalf of business institutions. These institutions are, in most cases, expected to be independent organizations in order to produce reliable, unbiased reports.

In most instances, custom accounting reports are used for auditing activities. This is owing to the fact that these reports are written by external professionals who do not have an interest in the report. In order to understand the importance and the most effective means of writing reliable accounting reports, students and business managers can buy a custom accounting report on accounting topics from various institutions. Online services have so far proved to be one of the most reliable sources of accounting reports. Higher learning institution websites can also be reliable and credible sources of accounting reports.

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