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No matter what the topic of your dissertation is, it will most likely be the most difficult assignment you are going to deal with throughout your academic career. You may have excellent knowledge of the subject and be particularly well-acquainted with your particular topic, but the sheer magnitude of such a paper and complexity of the research you are going to need will still require all the effort you can spare. The least you can do to improve your chances of successfully completing the job is to learn everything about dissertation structure and what you are supposed to write in each of its sections.

How Dissertation is Organized

A dissertation or thesis structure may differ somewhat depending on the preferences of each particular college and university, but they are always built along these lines, give or take a few chapters:

  • Outline. Outline is a plan where you enumerate all the dissertation chapters and subchapters.
  • Introduction. Introduces the primary subject of your thesis, enumerates aims and objectives you’ve set for it. You should mention the importance of what you are about to prove and the methods you intend to use.
  • Abstract. A very short (paragraph-long) summary of the entire paper. Make sure to mention the issues you’ve studied, methods you’ve used and reasons for choosing them along with results and conclusions;
  • Methodology. Describes in detail the research framework of your dissertation: research, information collection and data analysis methods you’ve used, explain why you believe them to be relevant for the research in question.
  • Hypothesis. The hypothesis that lies at a foundation of your research, elaborated for about a paragraph. Alternatively, some colleges suggest that you use a set of questions you intend to answer instead.
  • Literature review. Here you provide a critical review of the relevant past research in the field made by other people. This doesn’t mean that you simply have to enumerate all the data sources you’ve used and summarize them – your job is to group papers based on some principle (theme, methodology, viewpoint) and point out weak and strong points, concluding with what you intend to contribute to the existing body of research.
  • Results. Here you enumerate, describe and evaluate the results you’ve reached in the course of your research, mention if they coincide with your expectations.
  • Discussion. Here you should point out the potential limitations of the research you’ve carried out and discuss its strong and weak points.
  • Conclusion. This chapter integrates all elements of your research so that you can give a relevant answer to your original question. Prove your reasoning and justify your conclusions.
  • References. Here you enumerate all the information sources you’ve used in your PhD dissertation. Make sure you don’t forget anything lest you be accused of plagiarism.

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