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How to Write a Research Proposal

Conducting research is a typical task for students. You concentrate on the issue and provide a thorough study of it. Then, based on that research, you develop questions to investigate. What’s next? Present your findings and research questions in the form of a research proposal. To do so effectively, you must develop analytical skills and use them to study the areas in which you are interested.

Choose an issue for the study

Think of the areas that interest you. Whether it be economics, history, politics or culture – choose the one that appeals to you the most. You might have previously studied a topic and wish to conduct a further investigation into it. Developing a research proposal is a great way to do that.

Write one or two passages about the academic field to which this topic is connected. It’s better to choose an area with which you are familiar. The background knowledge will help you to make an analysis and draw final conclusions.

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Formulate the main question for research

No matter how well the topic is studied, some issues may still need clarification. Use your analytical skills to state the questions for the study. Well-constructed research questions are crucial in any study. Their purpose is to guide the entire research project. The questions need to be both original and challenging. Determine what areas of a topic or issue have not been thoroughly addressed. Take a step forward and provide input. Ensure that you have proficient knowledge in the needed area to conduct an investigation.

Write a short passage to show that you know how to conduct the research. Comment upon the methods you are going to use. Predict the outcomes you expect from your proposed investigation.

Highlight the relevance of the research

Before conducting research and providing the analysis of the issue, emphasize its importance. Explain how the findings can contribute to the existing body of knowledge. It’s also worth mentioning areas for further research. Your proposal is the foundation on which you will complete a thesis or dissertation.

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Create the content

The content of your research has to be well-structured and typed. Make sure it’s about 1000-3000 words in length. Consult your professor to select the most appropriate format for the writing task.

After you have developed enough information, divide it into parts:

  1. Introduction
  2. Analysis of the literary sources
  3. Conclusion

Develop an introduction for your research. In this part of the writing piece, introduce the issue for your research. State the problem clearly. Mention the questions on which you are going to focus. This way, you will provide the reader with an outline to follow. Moreover, it will show your professor that your investigation is serious and properly conducted.

Read a number of literary sources dedicated to the study of the selected topic. It’s better to consider a large number of books and articles. Refer to a number of websites as well, provided that they are scholarly. The more information you have, the more objective is your research.

After you develop enough information, divide it into logical parts with appropriate subtitles.

The main part of the paper is for providing the analysis of literary sources. The usual length of the content is 1000-1300 words.

Type the paper. It has to be written in formal English. Don’t forget to conduct a final editing and to check the spelling and punctuation.

You are also expected to properly cite authors and to provide their findings and conclusions, as well. If the views of some authors or scholars contradict each other, say whose point of view you support, and why. Outline the advantages and disadvantages of various theories.

Choose strong arguments to support the need for the study. They also will demonstrate your ability to carry through with a major project.

Present the outcomes of your study

Introduce the outcomes in the final part of your research proposal. Summarize the information you studied. Develop conclusions. Present your point of view on whether you agree with the ideas which are commonly accepted. Give solid explanations to support your ideas.

Develop a list of references

Develop a list of references used in your research. Include the books, articles and websites you used. Such information proves that the research proposal is based on valid informational sources.

Get ready for new academic discoveries. Enjoy the experience of being a young scholar.

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