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How to Write a Quantitative Project

Analytical skills are highly needed for students who study in various areas. Management, marketing, psychology, political science, economics, as well as sociology and demography, involve quantitative research and analyses.

Writing a quantitative project combines analytical thinking, working with statistics, and drawing objective conclusions. Composing these kinds of papers will help you to gain a better understanding of the expected performance and processes in a wide range of fields.

Our guidelines will help you compose a quantitative project without too much time and effort. Study them and very soon you will realize that you have tremendous academic capability and excellent writing skills.

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What is needed to develop a quantitative project

When working in this task, students basically need to use observational skills, understand quantitative expressions, and present findings through mathematical expression. The key idea is to make sure that the statements and conclusions presented are accurate, complete, and objective.

Quantitative studies help determine what strategy or policy is best to use to address an issue and which ones are inappropriate.

The stages for completing this sort of work are:

  • Collecting the data.
  • Analyzing the data.
  • Drawing conclusions.

Stage I. Gather relevant information

Identify databases with information that relates to the issue addressed in your study. Ensure the information is reliable and updated. You cannot conduct an efficient research if using out-of-date information.

If you are writing about a company, analyze its performance for the past 1-5 years. State which of its business decisions proved to be successful and which ones led to low income and poor performance on the market.

If you complete the same kind of task for sociology or demography, study the information connected with the groups of people on which you focused. Outline the basic changes that have taken place recently. Explain the reasons for these changes and how the changes have affected that group as well as the community or society in which it resides. Present your data quantitatively as well as through explanation.

In the final part of your quantitative project, you are expected to express confidence in your findings, to make predictions, and to suggest further studies.

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Stage II. Ensure the use of correct formatting

Focus on both content and formatting. Consult the following guidelines to ensure correct formatting of your academic work.

  1. Write the introduction.
  2. Write an abstract about 150-250 words in length. Include the topic of your research, the issues addressed, the methods used, and your findings.
  3. Provide a list of keywords. Place these in italics. They will serve as a kind of reference for other people when developing an academic study related to the same topic.
  4. Break the research into parts. Provide a suitable title for each part.
  5. State the purpose of your study. Provide a description of how you investigated the key issue.
  6. Highlight the significance of the study. Explain how it adds to a specific body of knowledge.
  7. Indicate the research method you used and the rationale for doing so.
  8. Provide the definition of key terms, which is essential for a better understanding of the work.

Stage III. Conduct a literature review

A literature review consists of various parts as well. Start the literature review with some background information. There’s no need to choose a special heading for it. Just compose 2-4 paragraphs about the general context of your study.

Then, provide the other parts of the paper. First, give an analysis for the theoretical background of the issue. Analyze the sources that you studied in preparing for your investigation. It’s a good idea to include the information reflecting both previous and current research. This way you can guide the reader’s understanding of the research problem and its main questions.

Use citations in your quantitative project. Ensure all information is properly cited so that your writing is not viewed as plagiarism. Citations include the authors of the books and articles, as well as the names of the literary sources and dates of publication.

Provide a brief summary of each chapter of the research project. Present the outcomes and provide a preview of the next chapter.

Since this is a quantitative study, present numerical data in charts, tables, or graphs. Doing so will serve as a practical illustration of the data you gathered and analyzed. Moreover, it will add visibility and clarity to the project.

Summarize the main points of the research conducted. Highlight the important conclusions you made after having studied the topic.

Finally, complete the list of references used.

We believe that these provided academic recommendations will serve as helpful guidance for your academic writing.

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