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How to Write a Movie Review

Everyone likes to watch movies. However things get much harder when it comes to writing reviews. If you want to be a successful student, get ready to beat the movie review writing challenge and cope with this task right along with your other writing difficulties. It’s a really good idea to learn to complete this type of assignment because movie reviews are frequently assigned. Writing a good movie review requires a great deal of creativity to gain a high grade. Feel free to follow the writing prompts provided below. Take a step toward easier, better writing.

It’s always a good idea to follow a definite structure while completing a movie review. Make your writing informative. The basic idea is to not only to express your vision of the movie’s main ideas, but also to provide a detailed analysis of the movie’s background: plot, actors, direction and setting. Most importantly, it should be clear to readers whether or not the film is worth watching.

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Where to start?

Make an introduction. Find links between everyday life and the ideas in the film. This technique is very important because it helps catch the reader’s attention. When people read a film review and realize there are original and unexpected solutions to typical problems in their own lives, they feel motivated and inspired to keep reading. There’s a better chance they’ll feel the review is credible.

Start with presenting the title of the movie and specifying its genre. This way, you frame what people should expect from the film. It’s obvious that tastes differ, but at least you’ll provide an immediate tip-off of what kind of audience usually likes a given movie.

Mention the director. Often people like to watch films by a particular director. For this reason, they’ll gladly watch a new movie by a favorite filmmaker. Decide whether the film you’re reviewing is a successful work in relation to the director’s overall career.

Describe the setting: a modern city, the countryside or cosmic space. Whatever it is, say a few words about it. Let your reader get a full picture of where the action takes place. Use adjectives to fill the review with detail and color.

Talk about the cast of characters and the plot

While working out this part, try to mention all the famous actors who participated in the movie. Say, what parts they played. State whether the following roles were typical for them or not. Express whether in your opinion:

  1. The role is typical for the actor\actress.
  2. His\her performance was natural.
  3. It his\her best\worst role.

Such an analysis will help the reader get a better understanding of the quality of acting. You can even suggest your own rating for each key actor or actress.

You should also comment on the actors’ dialogue. Did one or more appeal more to you? What language style did each actor use? Do they convey any important messages? Is the voicing tone serious or humorous?

Write a paragraph to describe the plot. Highlight all the key events from the very beginning of the film to the end. Analyze the main idea of the film. Very often, the director focuses on several ideas at once. In such a case, a main theme is accompanied by supporting ones. Comment on each theme. However, don’t rush to express your personal views. Simply prepare the reader for what they are going to see.

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Reference additional options

After analyzing the plot, scenery and characters, feel free to mention some of the movie’s minor details such as costume design and soundtrack.

The information about costume design often gets a lot of interest from people who are interested in fashion. Pay of attention to the costumes, hair and makeup. Comment upon the style and the color pallet.

Many people take a true interest in the music. If a famous singer sings a song for the soundtrack of the film, you should mention the date when the song was written as well the names of the people who wrote the words and music.

Finally, state conclusions. Say whether the film is worth watching. Specify the age and lifestyle of the target audience that you think is best for the film.

Try completing a film review based on these prompts.

Feel inspired and let your writing be creative and joyful.

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