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How to Write a Ghost Story

You’ve probably all read scary stories or watched movies about supernatural topics. There’s hardly a person who doesn’t know Edgar Allan Poe or Alfred Hitchcock – artists who made the genre of ghost stories popular in classic literature and cinema.

You can easily create the same kind of tale. This article provides a clear and detailed guideline to will help you compose your own scary story.

Use the experiences of famous authors

First of all, think about what makes you feel terrified when you watch videos or read books. Make a brief analysis of what exactly has the strongest influence on you: the scenery, characters or the sudden plot twists and jump-scares that are an inevitable part of ghost tales.

As a part of your college writing task, feel free to follow the writing style of authors you admire. Such practice can be of great use for you in your academic writing.

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Work out the main idea of the story

Pay close attention to the development of the main idea of your story. Use your own experience or try to remember stories your friends told you. If you can’t think of a suitable example, your own fears can help. Think about what frightens you most and use this for creating your story.

Design a suitable setting

Think of the suitable setting where the action in your story will take place. There are no limits. Use your imagination: an abandoned house in the countryside, an old museum, a dirty skyscraper or a dark road might suit perfectly.

Introduce the characters

For best results, try to combine ordinary images with strange ones. Be careful to create memorable traits about the personalities of the characters in the tale and make these characteristics fit the story. Make a couple of sketches. If possible draw parts of the main character’s body or clothes. Also, think of the age of every character. You can also divide them into positive and negative, if that fits well with the basic concept of your piece.

To immediately involve the reader in your story, add some details about the lifestyle of the characters. That will help the story feel real.

Develop your narration gradually

Take care that the action in your story rises to the climax gradually. Make your narrative more frightening by introducing details about the environment. Describe in detail, the way that your ghost is chasing its victims.

Make sure you’ve managed to take the reader out of their comfort zone. Keep a careful eye on the voice used in the story. It has to be:

  • Unexpected.
  • Terrifying.
  • Intense.

Describe the emotions of your main character. It’s important to paint emotions in colors to make the reader truly feel what you’re describing.

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Lead the reader to the climax of the story

The climax is the most important moment of a story. This is the moment when the protagonist makes their most critical choice. Its purpose is to prove the character’s true nature. During the climax, you should also introduce the hero’s greatest challenge.

Bring the story to an end

Consider various ways to take the hero back to ordinary life. Choose the most appropriate one. If there’s any final idea you’d like to present, any sort of warning for other people or a delicate suggestion that strange things may happen in life, choose the proper wording for these themes and convey the message during or just after the climax.

Only practice makes perfect

Don’t get frustrated if your story isn’t as perfect as you want it to be. No one expects you to write a literary masterpiece. The most important thing about this assignment is to follow the basic principles of writing a horror story and integrate them into your work.

The writing tips presented in this article will help you compose a ghost story. Learn academic writing with AdvancedWriters.com.

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