5 steps on how to write a case study

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Pro tips on how to write a case study

Being a student you receive different tasks from your professors or instructors. Some of them are quite basic. But some assignments require a high level of proficiency and creativity. And a case study is one of such interactive tasks. If you want to become a good case study writer and learn how to write a case study, make sure to read the article.

How to make a case study

If we talk about a case study it is important to define the notion and describe some basic features characteristic of it. A case study is a story or a description of a particular business case. It contains a problem that you have to deal with and find the decision. These stories are usually told in detail. You have to precisely describe the process, markets, financial issues, the process itself, and many other things connected with the situation.

Before you start working on the topic you need to create a plan to follow. This plan will help you stay organized and keep all the processes in your mind.

  1. First and foremost, read the case and make a thorough examination. To make it easier it is better to take notes. You can also highlight the most important aspects and details to work on further. Choose different colors to identify the problems found in the case.
  2. Start analyzing the study. First, you need to identify the problems and answer why they happened here. Then you should ask yourself how they influence the company’s life and who is to blame. These questions will help you move on to the next part.
  3. Look for the answers in your papers. Review your class notes, read the examples, and use Internet resources. This information will help you find the relevant information to deal with the above-mentioned question.
  4. Resolve the issue with an appropriate solution. This could be a difficult task. There may be different variants applicable to this very case. But your task is to analyze the solution and tell if it would be successful.

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How to write a case study format: let’s draft the case

When all the important information has been gathered, you can work on the analysis. For every student, it is very important to know how to write a case study analysis.

  1. Introduction. First, you have to find the main problems in the case study. When you are done with it, your task is to create a thesis. This would be 1-2 sentences where you insert the outcomes of your case study analysis. If you are comfortable with writing it in the end, you can do it this way.
  2. Background check. Now you have to look for background knowledge. Find factual information and make sure to present other important issues. Your main task is to ensure that you have made profound research to resolve the issue correctly.
  3. Choices. You need to present what are the alternative variants and why you rejected them. Show the reader that you have got the fallback.
  4. Suggest a solution. You have to provide the reader with a realistic solution and explain why you decided to choose this one. You need to have solid evidence on the hands and the theoretical materials discussed in the class. It would also be beneficial if you reinforce the solution with the outer information or your background.
  5. Give recommendations. In the end, you can recommend ways to achieve the results described in the case study. These could be simple tips. Or you can expand this section and suggest more detailed strategies. You can also refer to the set of actions that would help in achieving the goal.

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How to write a case study assignment

Before you get to the writing you need another thing to clarify. There are different types related to case study writing. And your task is to identify which one is yours. Case studies can be of different forms. That can also relate to various areas and business fields. This could be academic research. And in this case, you have to take one approach. But if you work on the proof points you should take another approach. So, what are the most commonly used case study types?

  • Exploratory. This is one of the major case study types. When you deal with an exploratory case you need to investigate the issue.
  • Accumulative. In this case, you will deal with comparing the points. The main attention will be focused on the comparison.
  • Illustrative. If you work with a descriptive case study, you should take a closer look at the events occurring in the particular business field. And your major need is to describe them.
  • Critical. Here you as a case study writer have to research the cause and effect. You need to examine the problem and thoroughly examine the outcomes.

It will be easier for you to start working on the paper when you know what case study type you deal with.

How to write a case study report

In management education programs, the case study method is commonly used for teaching students. When analyzing different situations, a student can get a vivid idea of the real business world. It is also a great opportunity to apply the theory learned during classes. A student needs to take a holistic approach when analyzing the situations and be ready to suggest fresh ideas.

Case study report components

What you need to insert in your case study report depends mostly on the preferences of your instructor. It also depends on the type of institution you deal with. In the following paragraphs, you will find basic information related to case study report components. But before applying this information be sure to read the guidelines from your professor. They may differ somehow.

When writing a case study report you may want to use the following sections:

  • Cover page. This is the first thing you have to work on. Here your task is to include basic information about yourself and mention a few words about your class.
  • The next is the table of contents. It is mostly requested by every instructor since it allows the reader to know where the pets of the text are placed.
  • Summary with the key points can be put after the table of contents.
  • The introduction is mandatory for a case study report writing. It draws attention to the major problem.
  • The analysis is another necessary part of the writing. Here you need to show how your theoretical knowledge can be applied to resolve a particular issue.
  • In the next section, you can discuss in more detail how you are going to implement the plan and ensure great results.
  • The list of references is usually put at the end of the document. This is where the reader can learn what information sources were used during the analysis.

This is a simple structure. You may expand it and work on the subsections of the report. But, one way or another, you have to stay close to your instructor’s guidelines to come up with a successful case study report.

5 tips on how to write a business case study

If you want to make your writing more efficient you should organize your work. This could be a plan or a set of tips that we are going to present to you. So, let’s learn how to write a case study essay with 5 easy tips.

  1. Choose a relevant topic. A case study is a specific task. To manage it correctly you need to know the subject well. If you understand the topic and know what scenarios could be applied here you will succeed.
  2. Follow the main idea. Writing with flounce is a difficult task. If you want your text to be coherent you need to work hard on the structure. Tell the story from the very beginning by mentioning all the important details. Answer the upcoming questions and satisfy the interest of the reader. Don’t jump from one topic to another. You should stick to one major idea.
  3. Nicely format the text. Your task is to develop the topic and find the solution to a problem. But you can’t forget about text formatting. To interest the reader and make him continue reading, you should master formatting. Use headings and subheadings. Decide the text into paragraphs. Use lists to express the ideas comprehensively.
  4. Use statistics and factual data. When you provide the reader with numbers. This would make an impression of well-conducted research. Find the information and impress the reader with exact numbers and figures.
  5. Be specific. When you suggest the solutions you should be specific. You cannot describe briefly or give superficial information. Choose the exact strategies and explain them in detail.

These tips will add more fluency to your text. Use them to create a well-crafted paper.

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