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How to Make a PowerPoint Presentation

The use of a PowerPoint presentation is a great way to showcase your ideas effectively. Using different visual aids makes delivering the information much easier. Make your presentation colorful and informative. Deliver the information in such a way that the audience is engaged and informed. Therefore, it is wise to spend just a bit of time learning some tips for completing this type of presentation. The feedback from the audience is sure to be rewarding.

The purpose of this article is to provide a clear explanation of how to develop an effective PowerPoint presentation.

Create the design of the presentation

Every PowerPoint presentation is based on the number and the formatting of slides as well as design. With that in mind, begin by choosing the general look for your presentation. The design should reflect the main purpose of your presentation. Moreover, the design and the text should work together in unity.

Open the PowerPoint program on your computer. Click on the ‘Design’ tab. Consider all the options offered and select the one which best fits the concept to be presented.

The slides you use can differ from each other. For example, you can easily select the kind of content slides that match the kinds of information to be displayed. Click on the selected slide. Then choose the design you want to use. Right-click on the option you like and choose ‘Apply to Selected Slide.’ Done. Now the selected slide will look the way you want it to.

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Insert the title of the presentation

You have already made up your mind about the design of the slides. Now add the title to your presentation. Go to the first slide and find the box that says ‘Click to add title’ and type in a title. Add your first and last name by clicking in the bottom box and typing. You can insert the subtitle the same way.

Add more slides

Want to include more information in your presentation? Add as many slides to the presentation as needed. There are several ways to do this. Right-click the space below the first slide and then choose the ‘New Slide’ option. You also can find the same option in the toolbar above the slides. Click on it and get the same results.

Paste & edit pictures, graphs, and charts

Graphs, charts, and other visuals can help the audience to get a better understanding of the message you wish to convey. To add these items, find the ‘Insert’ tab in the menu at the top of the window. The list of options will appear on the screen. Choose the needed tab and click on it. For editing a picture or graphics, click the ‘Format’ tab and provide the changes you want.

Place files in the desired order

After the design is selected and the files are ready, it’s time to consider all the information once again. Look at all the files to make sure they are placed in a logical order. It’s possible to follow two principles here: either going from the less important information to the most important, or vice versa. Anyway, if you think of any changes to make, do so at this stage.

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Transition the slides

You can choose various transitions between slides. To view a list of available options, find the ‘Animation’ tab. Decide where you want the transitions to appear. They can vary or the same one can be used each time. Click on the transitions you wish to select.

View the PowerPoint as a slide show

When all the preparation is completed, you should play the presentation to make certain everything works as intended. Watch the entire presentation from the very beginning until the end. Find the tab called ‘Slideshow’ and click on it. You can change the order of the slides by clicking the right arrow. Want to use a shortcut for this? Press F5.

That’s all you have to do to create a PowerPoint presentation. Just think of an issue or a product you want to present to the audience and let the creative process begin.

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