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Every student has in his/her life moments when assistance is needed. In most cases, we mean help with writing tasks in general or academic help with writing tasks in particular. While some people believe that writing tasks are the easiest, this is far from the truth. Usually, they require a lot of time, and students, in most cases, don’t have that resource.

Therefore, the need for academic help online is growing. Young people are trying to find the best individual writers or companies that can handle the most demanding tasks. There are plenty of providers online that claim to be providing the best services. However, finding a good company indeed is a complicated task.

Here, you will find a simple guide on how to choose a reliable academic writing help centre and to get the assistance that you count on. Also, we will share with you some tips about how to get the most out of any paper that a specialist does for you.

How to find top-quality academic help

When choosing your academic writing help provider, pay attention to everything. Sometimes, even the smallest detail might become crucial in making a decision. We have selected the most crucial factors that might have an immense impact on your experience. Some of them are mandatory. Other factors might be important to you or you might ignore them.

Your writing provider should be an official business

A company shall exist officially. It means that any provider cannot just have a website and that’s it. First, it shall be a legal business like any other business. Don’t hesitate to check whether a physical address is available. Only in such cases, you can be sure that you can get legal support if problems arise.

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Data protection is a must

Many people believe it is on default. However, make sure to check how the provider handles all the data that it gets from you.

The company shall not share your data with anybody. If somebody gets to know your financial or personal data, it might end in a disaster. Let alone the possibility that your teacher might learn that you are ordering the tasks instead of writing them on your own.

The website shall be secured. Companies use for this purpose an SSL certificate. It encrypts any information that clients provide online. It means that if, for example, you are paying for the paper and your financial information is stolen, a hacker cannot use it anyway because it is encrypted.

To check whether the website is protected, have a look at the URL of the website. If it starts with “https”, you can place your order and deposit a payment for it. Also, a closed lock before the URL means that the website is safe.

Academic writing help should be provided by professional writers

You might be surprised but not every task can be done just by any writer. Academic essay writers are a real asset to any company. Thus, make sure the provider has specialists with needed experience and qualifications to handle your specific task:

  • If you need a dissertation or thesis, this task can be done only by a specialist with a Ph.D. degree. Only such writers know the requirements and how to write the paper properly.
  • In the case of a term paper, it is better to choose a writer that specializes in your field. Academic writing assistance demands some specific knowledge.
  • If you need a usual essay, an experienced writer can do it even though he/she might not have any specific qualifications in an academic field.

Therefore, before you place your request for academic essay help, check whether the company has specialists that can provide your task in compliance with all standards and requirements of your teacher.

Tips on how to write good papers

Here you can find helpful writing tips and instructions how to write academic papers and projects assigned in your school, college or university.

What do you know about uniqueness?

Uniqueness is one more aspect that has gained importance. While earlier, just some generations ago, a student would be surprised when hearing this word, now, with the increasing accessibility of the internet, checking uniqueness has become a norm.

It happens frequently that students copy papers online. Some companies claim that they write a new paper but instead, resell the same work multiple times. Moreover, in some colleges, there are specific requirements for the uniqueness level.

Some teachers check the uniqueness of every paper. Therefore, we recommend avoiding any risks and ask the company how they guarantee 100% uniqueness. Most providers have their own checker, and they provide clients with an opportunity to use it for free. However, we insist that you also recheck your paper with some most common tools available for free. This is the only way to avoid potential issues with your teacher.

Urgent deadlines? For some companies, it’s easy

Sometimes, the academic essay help is needed urgently. Sometimes, you might forget about the task. In some cases, you might assess your abilities incorrectly. And in some cases, an emergency might disrupt all your plans. Therefore, it is better to deal with a company that can help you to solve the most complex issues with your tasks, such as super-urgent deadlines, for example.

Now, let us check an example. It is a deep night, and you are preparing your things for the next day at your college. Suddenly, you discover that the deadline for your academic essay is not in a week, as you believed, but tomorrow. Will you manage to do it alone? A company that works during the standard office hours will also be of not much help. When they open in the morning, your essay shall be already submitted.

The only solution here is to find a provider that operates round-the-clock. We mean not only the customer support of the company. Writers shall be available day and night, too.

It doesn’t mean that specialists will stay up at night just in case somebody has a need for urgent help. The best companies hire writers from many countries. Specialists are located in completely different time zones. Thus, even if you remember about your extremely important task at night, there will be a writer who is ready to start right away because, in his/her time zone, it is early morning.

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Keeping in touch with a specialist

Some companies just don’t allow it. They try to prevent any contacts between a writer and a client. There are some reasons to do so, they believe. However, this is something we completely disagree with.

Yes, we strongly recommend using the services of a provider where you can communicate with the writer who is working on your paper. On this small factor, your paper quality might depend. It is good if all the requirements are clearly expressed, and your teacher doesn’t change them. but sometimes, a specialist might need clarifications. In some cases, teachers change something at the last moment and in the most unexpected way.

You might need to let the specialist know and to get a quick reaction about your updates. In some cases, additional clarifications might be needed. As you see any delay in communication, even if it lasts just some minutes, might be crucial for the final result. Add the risk that your explanations might be misunderstood or transferred to the writer not properly, and you might even get a paper that doesn’t comply with your requirements at all.

This criterion isn’t a must. You might consider it, however, you might also be completely fine if you don’t communicate with a specialist but delegate this responsibility to customer support service.

Registration shouldn’t be a quest

To place an order with some companies, you need to fill in plenty of forms and provide tons of data. At some point, a user might become frustrated and just leave the website. Moreover, providing a lot of information might not be safe.

Normally, it is advised to opt for a provider that offers the most effortless ordering procedure. Usually, it is fine to provide the following data:

  • Your contact info.
  • Information related to the task: number of pages, the deadline, the required level, etc.

Other than that, the provider doesn’t need any other information to process your order. Further, your financial information will be needed to pay the writer. However, for payment purposes, you are directed to a different page where special safety measures are taken.


If you need the best academic help, choose the best provider. While it might seem easy, many students still entrust their tasks to companies that promise a lot but other than that, don’t provide any guarantees.

Spend some time to check how reliable the company is, whether it has some reviews on independent sources online. Chat with the company's customer support and ask them some tricky questions. Check how they reply, whether you like it. Make sure you can afford to pay for the paper. If you like everything about the company, place the order. And it doesn't matter how good the provider is, always read the paper before you submit it to your teacher.

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