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If you are writing a report in History, then you may find these tips helpful. First, determine the subject you are reporting on, develop a thesis statement, and stay focused on it. Second, be prepared to use a number of sources. Third, be certain to record the bibliographic information as you peruse your sources. Fourth, explore the topic from various viewpoints. Finally, in addition to facts, details, and the opinions of others, offer your own views or opinions on the topic.

A historical research report focuses on a particular subject. The subject is narrower than simply the name of a historical figure or event. It is a statement of opinion about some aspect of that figure or happening. For example, the subject of Prohibition is too broad. However, the stating that Prohibition was a failure provides the subject and an opinion about the subject. That is the thesis to be explored and supported through research.

A variety of sources are utilized in historical report writing, including both primary and secondary sources. A primary source is an authentic or original piece, such as a speech, journal entry, letter, photograph, official record, or other document developed during the time period that is being researched. It is a document that has not been rewritten or interpreted by someone else. A popular example studied early in school is The Diary of Anne Frank, which is the publication of an actual diary of a young Jewish girl who relates her thoughts and experiences during her family's hiding from the Nazis during World War II. In contrast, secondary sources are created by an individual who researches an event or person but does not possess first-hand knowledge through personal experience. Secondary sources can include books, articles, documentaries, etc.

Regardless of whether you use primary or secondary sources, be careful to gather bibliographical information along with your notes. For example, if using information from a book, provide the name of the book, author or editors, date and place published, plus the name of the publishing company. Also provide the page number for the information you use. If quoting from the book, include quotation marks. However, even if paraphrasing the information, you must still cite from where you obtained the information.

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An interesting factor in writing custom history reports is that events and people can often be looked at from various points of view. For example, The Declaration of Independence underwent a considerable amount of debate and revision before being signed. It would be interesting to study what was included, what was left out, what was reworded, and why. Who was involved in the revision of the original draft and what were the various viewpoints in debating the revision? In addition, while examining others' points of view, also develop your own understanding and opinion about the topic, and express it, perhaps in the summary of your report.

Regardless of your topic, remember that historical report help is available online. Our writers can help you with determining a thesis statement and with researching the topic. They can also assist you with developing an outline or finishing a paper you have already created. Ordering a paper from us is easy. So, let us help you narrow your topic to a thesis statement and write a well-researched paper.

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