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How to write an Article Critique

How to write an article critique is a question for whose answer, you can follow the steps which are given as under:

  • Read the article more than once to get an idea what is written. Try to understand what the writer wants you to understand. With the reading exercise, you will get the knowledge of what is written and you will also understand how you can move forward for the analysis of this article.

  • Write a summary of the article in your own words. Your summary should be an extract of the main points that the writer has emphasized in his/her article. Remember don't try to copy writer's words in the summary as it will come under plagiarism and plagiarism is termed as academic dishonesty, so, always take care for this aspect of writing.

  • After summarizing the article, the next step comes that is of evaluation. For an article critique, you should seen for the writer's written comments and extracted information how much has he justified all his claims and thoughts with proper background information. Evaluation of an article can be done by reading between the lines to extract what the writer wanted to say and how has he said it.

  • In your assessment of the article, highlight the weaknesses and strong points of the writer of the article. Drag the points out where the writer has successfully delivered his opinion and also inform about those points where he has lapsed to write what he wanted to write.

  • Your article critique should have a conclusion that should give your extracted result that you have achieved after reading the article again and again. Your conclusion of the article critique should also contain your summarized assessment of the article which you have read.

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