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War in Iraq Essay

This is a sample essay on War in Iraq:
The United States has been torn apart with the thought of war. There is the fear spread by the media about dirty bombs and mustard gas. There is the recommendation to have an air tight room in one’s house and to duck tape sheets of plastic on one’s windows. However, many do not understand how this safety advice is related to the Bush Administration’s international policy. How did the September 11th terrorist attack from Afghanistan become a War on Iraq? Is President Bush’s desire to fight a war on Iraq related to his father’s problems with Sadaam Hussein ten years ago? These and many other questions arise in the mind of the average American citizen. As with many other topics, Americans have various viewpoints concerning the War on Iraq; Some are pro-war and some are anti-war.

One very touchy subject, especially to those heavily involved in the stock market, is the nation’s economy. Since the September 11th, the continuing war threats have greatly slowed the economy. The pro-war argument states that war would boost the nation’s economy and bring us out of a recession. Historically, this statement has proven to be true. For instance, the only thing that brought this country out of the Great Depression of 1930 was World War II, although many attribute it to Franklin Roosevelt’s “New Deal”. The pro-war activists believe that war will aid our economy since war brings massive spending which will create new jobs. Another point on the pro-war side is that war will bring stability to the Middle East. The people of Iraq are, in a sense, trapped under the dictatorship of Sadaam Hussein and his camp. If these people dared speak for what they believe in, they will be killed. Thus, many Americans believe that as a free country, we should be intervening for the sake of human rights. Along with a fear for the people of Iraq, there is a fear for our country’s safety. For a long time, Americans had a pride, a sense of being “invincible”. However, on the day of September 11th, 2001, that pride came crashing down. The realization came that we were no longer invulnerable to a terrorist attack of massive destruction. Thus, because of Iraq’s assemblance of nuclear weapons and Sadaam’s possible acquaintance with Osama bin Laden regarding the attacks of 9/11, the pro-war side believes that they must be stopped and war is the only way to do it.

As for the opposing, anti-war side, the economy is already fragile enough. To even think of war at a time when our own country is not stable is atrocious. Our economy is struggling and if we enter a war into the picture, it will only become increasingly bleak. When thoughts of war enter the minds of Americans, they think of times of rationing food and budgeting money. Thus, this will decrease the needed spending our economy needs. These anti-war activists direct their anger towards President Bush for putting the needs of other countries before the needs of his own. Also, even if the country was to engage in a war with Iraq, How will it help their people? If the war was to go poorly, it could make matters worse since the war will enrage Sadaam Hussein and his camp. It is acknowledged that there is a chance it will make the situation better, however, is the risk that it could get worse worth it? Not only could war make the situation worse in Iraq, it could worsen matters in America as well. When the war angers Hussein, he could resort to another terrorist attack on the United States and this is the last thing that America needs. The anti-war point of view knows there must be a way around this war.

President Bush’s intentions are good, however, Has he given enough consideration of the circumstances if the war does not go as planned? Potentially, war could bring temporary peace and both stability to the people of Iraq and safety to the people of America. It could also bring America’s economy out of the funk it has been stuck in since 2001. However, the picture if war does not go well is not worth the slight improvements it could make. America has enough internal problems without muddling in international affairs; We cannot continue to play the world police. Yes, it can be considered our problem since the nuclear war threats have been thrown in our direction, but we cannot afford to aggravate the Iraqis. If both America and Iraq are unintelligent enough to undertake a nuclear war, it will be the end of both countries and quite possibly, the end of the world. It must be comprehended that this is a different type of war than this world has ever experienced due to an increase in weapons technology. These weapons are perfectly capable of destroying the population of the world. Thus, America should stick with the old saying: “War is not healthy for children and other living things”.

Whether one is pro-war or anti-war, all Americans have the same concerns. We are all worried about the economy, the stability of the Middle East, and our country’s safety against terrorism. Nobody wishes for a fallen economy or another terrorist attack. However, we all have different view on what will get us to a point we wish to be at: a successful economy, stability in the Middle East, and protection against furthur terrorism.

On September 11, life in America changed drastically. Terrorists killed thousands of people on American soil. Since that day our country has been planning a counter attack against the people who did it, al Quaida. The President is shifting his focus onto Suddam who took no responsibility for the attack on the U.S. What is going on in Iraq is of no concern to the American people, it’s an U.N. issue.

First, The U.N. inspectors have been to Iraq and have made progress. The Iraqis have handed over documents on “specific, high-profile unresolved issues” including anthrax, the chemical agent VX and missiles. This is a beginning of taking these remaining disarmament issues more seriously. Russian President Vladimir Putin said he saw no reason for military action, “We are sure that we need to continue all efforts for a peaceful resolution of this crisis. At the moment, we don’t see any foundation, any cause for the use of force.”

Next, the President’s decision to go to war is not backed by the Security Council. Bush is more on a personal vendetta then doing what is best for our country as a whole. He is being hasty by wanting to send troops to Iraq without any backing from the U.N. America is not the “world police,” we have no business going after Saddam. Yes he has weapons that he isn’t supposed to, but it is not America’s job to make sure he gets rid of them, it’s the United Nations.

Finally, no one knows the reach of Saddam’s power. For all we know he could have his people already on American soil ready to take action should we decide to go to war with Iraq. That would mean our American civilians would be put in danger and for what. For example, if one of Saddam’s followers was to set off a nuclear bomb in Baton Rouge it would destroy a 200 mile radius. We have already had enough blood shed on American soil, and our children should be our first concern.

What is going on in Iraq is a great tragedy, and what Saddam is capable of is a nightmare, however it is not our job to start a war. We have to look at the bigger picture and weigh the pros and cons. War is only going to lead to many unwanted deaths. This is not something Bush should jump into alone. We need the support of all the other countries affected, which we don’t have. If we go to war there will be no winners, only losers, because life as everyone around the globe knows it will change.

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Jul 16, 2010