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Top Research Paper Topics 2013 for College

First of all, in order to write a good research paper, you have to understand well what kind of task it is. So, research papers differ from typical essays a little bit. They are longer and require some research work to collect useful information which you can use for your paper. It may sound strange, but the most difficult task for some people is choosing the topic. Actually, it’s quite normal. If the topic was chosen by your teacher, you have no other choice than to accept it and use it for your research paper. On the other hand, when you have to choose your topic yourself, you can be confused and have trouble choosing the one you really like and interested in. Let’s try to do it together.

Talking about topics that are relevant in 2013, you can think of everything that happened this year and choose the event that impressed you most. Was it a military conflict in the Middle East? You can analyze the political situation in Syria, Egypt, Afghanistan etc. Also, you may try to find a way out of all the problems in these countries. Maybe the new iPhone 5S is a far more appealing topic for you? Write a paper about modern technology, speaking about how it changed our everyday life, including all the advantages and disadvantages these gadgets have.

Are you interested in economy? If yes, you can write about the financial problems in various countries, connecting this factor to financial crisis of 2007-2008. Try to analyze all the opinions on how to cope with such kind of problem and present them in your paper.

Actually, there are topics that are relevant, no matter what year it is now. Let’s take discrimination. We all seem to be well-educated, polite people without bias against any social group, be it homosexuals, people of different race, religion or gender. However, the problem still remains serious in many countries. Another topic to dwell on is obesity. Is there any way people can eat both delicious and healthy food? Do fast-food restaurants sell junk-food? Is it worth being a vegetarian? In addition, talk about environmental problems and possible ways to make our impact on nature less harmful. There should be some ways to protect rain forests in Brazil, or use alternative power sources (solar or wind energy), use bicycles instead of cars, save electricity and so on.

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