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Time Management Strategies for Students

How Not to Let “Game of Thrones” Fail Your Exams
It’s 9 pm and you got a fresh new season of Game of Thrones to watch! But, first you promise yourself only 1 episode. Half way through the video you are hooked and by the time it ends, you throw your hands in despair, John Snow and the White Walkers! I have got to know what happens next! Soon enough you end up watching the entire series. Whew … That was one hell of a season. You suddenly notice its morning, and remember you have a Math exam just in two hours! Two hours!? It’s all your fault, Starks and Lannisters!

It’s a matter of urgency and you can’t let Game of Thrones fail your exams!

Well, let’s identify the problem.

The challenge you face is poor time management. Time management is simply planning, prioritizing, delegating, controlling, understanding yourself and identifying your problematic habits. Once you know how to manage time you will be surprised how easily you can accomplish a lot of activities in only 24 hours!time management for students

You need to make a comprehensive plan besides a simple to-do list. Your plan should include how you target to carry out an effective time management routine. Before that find free online resources, read article, books and keep on changing your plan when necessary.

Divide your work into four main areas:

  1. Urgent – Put all the urgent work in this area, for instance, upcoming exams, assignments or quiz. Moreover, allocate the most of your time in this zone.
  2. Plan to do – This is perhaps the most essential part but you have to give it the second most importance. This part usually includes work that matters to you. For instance, researching or networking with other student, scheduling and planning other work related activities.
  3. Reject & Explain – Put here work that causes useless distractions such as email notification or requests from others.
  4. Resist and Cease – You must try to spend the least amount of time for work that involves in this region such as meaningless doodles, watching Game of Thrones marathon, or listening to songs.

First, take the free delegation review form to see how good you are in this matter. Second, follow these simple steps in a sequent manner:

  1. Define the task
  2. Select the individual or team for the assignment
  3. Provide resources
  4. Delegate the task to the individual or team
  5. Make a feedback system
  6. Review

You have an effective plan or a routine. What happens when you fail to abide by it? You end up letting Game of thrones fail your exams all over again! You must practice your routine and use your plan in a controlled manner until you are accustomed to it.

Understanding yourself
Understand yourself and the conditions you work best in. Ask yourself these questions:-

  • Do I study better under pressure?
  • Do I study better in a calm or a busy environment?
  • Which time of the day am I most productive?

Identifying problematic habits
Everyone has some problematic habits such as procrastinating, checking the phone every 5 min, chatting with friends while working, taking a break every now and then and so forth. You must identify all the awkward habits in order to address these matters as soon as possible.

See? Time management is not an impossible task. Once you apply this knowledge as well as other resources available you can easily manage your time and if you are smart enough you might even be successful at acing exams that you claim you have no time to study for!

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Jul 24, 2015