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The Role of Body Language Essay

Communication is one of the essential tools used for the exchange of ideas, feelings, and even visions. It is the activity of passing across the intended information through exchange of signals, writing, thoughts, behavior, and messages (Yates 433). However, for the process to be completed, several elements of the latter must be facilitated. The basic elements of communication include a potential sender, the intended message, and finally the targeted recipient. The way information is being transmitted depends on the medium. Moreover, the medium of transmission entirely rely on whether the communication is verbal or non-verbal. Non-verbal communication makes use of body languages, symbols, and signs as its ways of passing across any message (Yates 501).

As per the requirements of the project, my area of specialization builds its concrete foundation on the body language as one of the means of communication. It is a form of physical and mental ability of man’s non-verbal communication that consists of gestures, facial expressions, body posture, and eye movements (Pease & Pease 211). Body language is one of the most effective means of relaying very sensitive information and maintaining the confidentiality of the message passed across. The sole reason of my keen interest in this means of communication is the unique nature possessed by the latter as compared to other means. People continue using body language no matter the advancement in technology and development of most effective means.

Analytical goals of my project draw its origin from the non-verbal forms of communication. To mention a few, the objectivity of the project was to understand the power and importance of excellent non-verbal communication, discover the necessary listening skills required for checking the shared understanding, modes of repairing the wrong communication and finally, understanding the effects of appropriate non-verbal communication and vocal tone in building rapport (Borg 457). Body language covers most of these objectives and helps in achieving the ultimate goals of communication as intended in this project. Assumptions made in this project can only be achievable if the means of communication put into consideration can be articulated to meet the requirements.

Body languages are more advantageous and it can handle situations that cannot be handled by other means. The first advantage is that, this means can handle a situation where the sender or the recipient is handicapped or physically disabled (Borg 244). For example, a dumb person can use signs and facial expressions to relay information. He/she may be unable to utter the real words but the meaning of the message can be effectively understood through the body language. Noisy places may inconvenient verbal means but body language can comfortably be used in such environments. For example, in a factory where there is a lot of noise, the manager can instruct the employees and those under him through body language (Pease and Pease 466).

The above means can also be used in passing across any sensitive information whose confidentiality is supposed to be maintained. Signals used between the sender and recipient may only be understood between the two and the third party may not get the real meaning of the information. The final advantage lies under the geographical difference between the sender and the recipient. The means may effectively be applicable if the two are at a visible distance but their spoken words may not be heard clearly. For example, if someone wants to greet a person, (Borg 558). Who is in a moving vehicle, waving a hand will be a more civilized way as compared to shouting. In addition, body language proves to be less expensive as compared to most sophisticated ones. Parties having an intension of cutting down the cost of communication can make use of body language.

The above means loses its effectiveness in case the barriers exist in the environment under consideration. The major barrier is the case where both the sender and recipient are uninformed about the meaning of some of the signs and gestures. This will make the latter to be ineffective and therefore reducing its applicability. Common signals and body gestures known to many people cannot be used to relay any confidential information. Body gestures that carry more than one meaning may be difficult to be used as the involved parties may not get the intended message.

Individuals lacking the body parts utilized in the communication are automatically excluded from using the means (Pease and Pease 674). This makes the latter to be limited to those people who possess the body parts that are supposed to be used in the process. For example, a blind person cannot use eye movements to relay the message; crippled people may also not use their legs or hands in the process of communication. Most of the time, body language is used by both handicapped and normal people so long as the parties understand the signs and body gestures well. Very large geographical difference may inconvenience use of signs and gestures in passing the meaning. This can only be done through digitized means where signs are being transmitted electronically.

The project involved laying down the necessary strategies that will characterize the means of communication to be determined. The first strategy for this work involved testing the effective means of communication that can be used in a noisy environment. Various means of communication were to be tested in the latter environmental conditions and the effective method was to be pointed out. The second strategy was to determine the most appropriate means that can be used in relaying confidential messages (Pease and Pease 688). Almost all available means under the test proved ineffective and the one with the highest degree of confidentiality was determined. The final strategy was to cut down on the cost of communication. This meant to find the cheapest means of communication that can fully satisfy the process.

The strategies outlined above almost gave the expected results (Oxford 509). The rhetorical barriers and advantages mentioned earlier in this project gave direct reflections of what was to be done and the ultimate goals were absolutely fulfilled. The first strategy of noisy environmental condition was fully satisfied by the rhetoric advantage of body language as the means of communication. Body language proved communicative under the tested conditions. The second strategy of relaying confidential messages was previously reflected by the rhetoric advantage of body language. The latter gave maximum satisfaction in passing across confidential information. The final strategy of cutting down the cost of the process of communication gave out several means of communication. Some of the verbal means of communication met the standards unexpectedly and the strategy was to be articulated to meet the requirements. However, the adjustments made met the satisfactory standard of making body language as the only means of communication.

The rhetoric ended up being effective in analyzing the arguments. The rhetoric arguments proved perfect in the analysis and strategies gave full support for the approval of arguments. Documented statistics for the related case study almost projected the same results as the one that were rhetorically reflected in the project (Oxford 599). However, in this project, the strategized conclusion could not have been drawn from the rhetoric barriers and advantages, putting the last strategy into consideration, which almost dissatisfied the expected outcome. The argument of whether to rely on the rhetoric reflections or not, in finding the most appropriate means of communication in the project almost proved effective. However, the rhetoric reflection failed in giving the details of flexibility of the means and the ability of the latter to accommodate the upcoming challenges (Melkote 444).

Body language plays many roles in the current society. Considering the technological advancements, this means of communication is seen primitive and cannot be relied on. However, what people are not supposed to forget is that, this means forms part of the most immediate means of communication before other means can be put in place. People who do not have a common communicative language find it hard to communicate with one another (Melkote 408). The only immediate way is by use of body language. In normal life circumstances, emotions find their roots in body language and twisting of some body parts may turn out passing a strong message to the targeted recipient.

People around the globe appreciate body language and the roles it plays. Ideas of generating the most sophisticated means of communication are being generated by body language. What is most important is understanding the ideology of communication that is to be achieved by the scientists. Having hopes in the unpromising inventions makes people forget that the effective means lies in our bodies and the only task is to learn how to use it. Learning body Language is one of the most interesting things that one can do and in most cases, it turns out to be more of a fun.

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