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The Best Topics for Essay Writing of 2013

Everybody knows how difficult it is to take a first step, no matter what kind of task you have to do. The same is true about writing an essay. Trying to write a draft even without knowing how and what you have to write can help you practice writing a little bit, but on the other hand it is a complete waste of time in most cases. So, every kind of task needs careful planning in order to know the sequence of all actions you have to take while writing your essay.

Well, the first and perhaps the most important step you have to take is choosing a topic of your essay. You can pick one randomly, without even thinking whether it meets your essay requirements or whether you are interested in it and can find enough information. Choosing an inappropriate topic may cause further problems, and it would be just too late to change another one. So, consider all the possible problems you may encounter while writing an essay on a particular topic. By the way, it is better to choose an interesting topic, even if it is complicated, then to knock yourself out writing an easy, but rather boring essay which will not appeal neither to you, nor your teachers. Keep in mind that a bad beginning makes a bad ending.

Let’s consider several ideas of choosing a compelling topic. First of all, you can choose a recent event, something that happened in 2013, and analyze it in your essay. Do you remember the birth of the British royal child, Prince George of Cambridge? Why not write an essay analyzing the importance of British monarchy or the possibility to change the form of government and the consequences of it. Maybe it is worth mentioning Edward Snowden? You can express your opinion on whether he did the right thing by disclosing confidential information of US government. You can also dwell upon various surveillance programs here. Are you interested in physics? Write an essay about Peter Higgs, who was given a Noble Prize in Physics in 2013. Having researched elementary particles, Higgs boson in particular, his work has a significant impact on science. So, the useful tip for you is, try to remember everything that happened in 2013 and choose the event you were impressed by.

On the other hand, there are things that happen all the time. The humanity hasn’t found a solution to many problems, such as environmental pollution, poverty, terrorism etc. Anyway, there are lots of topics to choose from. If you need some help with writing your essay, we can eagerly help you with such kind of task. is one of professional essay writing services which provides students with quality custom essays and research papers. We write custom papers on any essay topics!

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