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Value Analysis Research Paper

Employees should undertake their tasks with integrity and honesty. By taking the role of the two virtues, they invoke the respect and trust from their employers. Levy (2000) regards honesty as the best policy at the workplace. An employee should endeavor to be valuable to the company. One needs to be trustworthy and dependable if the employer is to value them. Employers completely lose trust in their employees when they steal from them; stealing can be in terms of money and time. Money theft is however taken with seriously than that of time. Telling lies to the employer or to a senior person at the workplace destroys an employee’s image; this is because employees misrepresent themselves. Working for Revol Wireless was one of the most has been very pleasant experience for me. As a sales manager, my work was to oversee all the operations in the sales department. As a sales manager I had the power to recruit and hire sales staff for the company. I recruited, trained and later on hired my cousin as a sales associate. We had a healthy working relationship until I discovered that he had been giving exaggerated figures on the sales so that he can get a higher commission.

He could forge receipts and afterward use then as ‘evidence’ of the sales made. I had built trust on him hence I did not bother to critically analyze his activities. Sometimes he would just use word of mouth to tell me about his progress, I took his word not realizing that he was a con. When the inconsistencies were large enough, his dirty acts were finally exposed. It was very disappointing to discover that the person I had put my trust on had betrayed my trust. This affected me since this incident could have incriminated me given that he is my cousin. Somehow, this thought made me to feel as if I was responsible for his mistakes; I kept on telling myself that I was to blame. It was even harder to imagine that the person I had worked so hard to train has been taking me for a ride. Looking back, I should have been more careful since some weeks before this shocking revelation, I had noticed some discrepancies but I ignored. This had been going on for some time and it took a while before I discovered his mischief. This act had gone against the company’s ethical code. This completely broke the trust I had in him. Dishonesty destroys a good working relationship between an employer and an employee; it breaks the trust that the employer had on the employee.

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