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Essay on Siemens CSR

Sample essay on Siemens CSR:
Siemens is an international company that deals with electronics. Over the years, the company has stood for technical achievements, quality, reliability and innovation. Siemens is the leading provider of technologies that are eco-friendly. In terms of energy efficiency, healthcare that is personalized and industrial productivity, Siemens is the pioneer.

What Siemens can leverage
Siemens can employ several strategies in order to leverage. The strategies will lead to long term growth of the company. One of such strategies is sustainability which means that the company will act responsibly in order to cater for future generations. The main aim of sustainability is to achieve social, economic and environmental progress (Voien 205)

To achieve efficiency, Siemens is providing products that are innovative in the area of environment. The company is also aimed at providing solutions that will improve the Eco balance of its customers and that of itself. When it comesto business, the company mainly focuses on the creation of long term values. The company also fosters its employees so that they can be good citizens in the areas where the company operates.

Mar 5, 2012