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Prelab Work in Organic Chemistry essay

Experimet Title: Simple Distillation and Characterization of Compounds
Separation of ethyl acetate from microscale acetanllide by simple distillation at the semi- level, and characterization by spectroscopy of the two compounds using IR, and NMR by the determination of their physical properties.

Experiment Purpose

This experiment is purposely carrieed out in order to faclitate the separation of ethyll acetate from acetanilide through the process of simple distillation. This experiment will also seek to identify the IR spectroscopy, melting point, and density of the separated compounds.

Distillation: This a method of obtaining more purified liquids or identification of compounds where the initial liquid is first heated up to its boiling point. As the liquid boils, it vaporizes after which it is captured, condensed and collected later. Distillation is applied to the identification as well as purification of compounds. By applying the boiling point of a compound, which is an important physical property, it can be identified from a mixture of several compounds because it can evaporate at that temperature leaving the other compounds. When it comes to distillation as a purification process, the components of a mixture are separated by collecting the condensed compound at different temperatures. This experiment is a demonstration of how to purify a volatile liquid that contains impurities of non-volatile liquid will be done. The volatile component of the initial mixture will be ethyl acetate, which will be captured and condensed as pure ethyl acetate (Carey 72).

Sep 19, 2011