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Essay about Insanity

The literally works by Sylvia (The Bell Jar) and by Ken Kesey (One flew over the cuckoo’s nest) made significant impact on the field of literature. The work that was done in the 1960s marked a major milestone in development and advancement of literally work. The two books were able to advance the theme of insanity and are still relevant event to date. The main characters in the books make the reader of the books to understand the true meaning of insanity in a society. Insanity which sometimes may also be referred to as craziness is behavioral spectrum that is characterized by some specific abnormal mental or behavioral tendencies. The two books have been able to advance the theme through the conduct of the main characters in the books.

The fundamental meaning of the literally work by the two authors
The literally work by Sylvia (The Bell Jar) is more than just a confessional novel. It depicts a comic but painful sentiment of what happens to a lady’s aspirations in a society that does not take them seriously. The setting of the book represent a society expects electroshock to remedy the despair of a sensitive, inquisitive young artist whose search for self identity degenerate to terrifying descent nearing to madness (Bloom, Harold 33). It’s a piece of work that highlights the life of a young who is vulnerable wins a dream assignment on a big-time New York magazine and finds that she is plunged into a nightmare. Sylvia’s work is basically a fine novel as bitter and remorseless as her previous poem. Its most significant quality is an astonishing closeness, like a series of snapshots taken at high mid-day. The work can also be described as special poignancy that is a special force and shows the vulnerability of persons of hope and goodwill.

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