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College Essay on Rosa Parks

There are people whose role in the history of the mankind cannot be underestimated. There are people to whom we are grateful for the way the world we live in looks like. One of those people is Rosa Parks. She is notable for an action which led to the racial equality nowadays. This action seems ordinary nowadays, but at that time, in 1955, it was an act of disobedience to the laws of that time, that were unfair from her point of view. It all happened on December 1, 1955 in Montgomery, Alabama. At that time, the first four seats were reserved for white people, and when they were all occupied, a black person from the seats behind the first four had to give up their seat to a white passenger. What Rosa Parks did was to refuse to give up her seat to a white man saying she thought she was not obliged to do that. As a result, she was arrested afterwards.

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Feb 1, 2016

College Essay Topics

College essay tends to be the hardest written assignment for students in the whole education field. The reasons for this are numerous and are tied to the diversity of college essay variants.

The essence of the problem is mostly concerned with choosing the topic for the college paper. It is a well known fact that the topic of the college essay is a key factor for its success. Psychologists have long ago proven that when reading the relatively short piece of writing the most memorable for people are the beginning or the title and the final sentences. For this matter if a person takes a short look at your college essay the topic will be a decisive element to attract the person’s attention or on the contrary make them loose interest to the writing. That is why topic selection requires as much preparation and effort as the actual essay writing. Some of the academicians are convinced that a good topic is already 50% of the paper.

Considering this college essay topic should be carefully composed with a thoughtful approach. Once you have a topic statement the volumes of relevant information and related ideas will come at your possession to complete the content.

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Nov 26, 2010

College Essay on Hell

This is a free example college essay on Hell:
If hell does exist, why wouldn’t ceaseless torture be fitting for such an evil environment? Heaven is an idea of endless paradise for those who have lived a morally good life and who have helped others. Those of us who have earned the torture by being morally corrupted do not deserve to enjoy the pleasantries of heaven that needed to be earned in this world by being virtuous.

One dilemma with hell is the idea of judgement. How are we being judged, what kinds of things are considered to be good enough for heaven and bad enough for hell? We all have different views on this subject depending on how we were brought up. Those of us who have a religious background feel that practicing and believing determine our fate. It is a little more complicated for those who do not believe in any particular religion. There are those who just believe they will go to hell and just don’t care, there are also those who live what they believe is a morally good life and feel they will go to heaven, and also those who just don’t believe in heaven or hell altogether. We all apply our different views to make opinions on current issues at hand. For example, many people believe that we do not have the right to punish murderers extensively by the death penalty or with torture because they believe that it is God’s job to judge them when they arrive at the gates of heaven.

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Sep 27, 2010

History of Electoral College Essay

This is a free example essay on History of Electoral College:
The constitutional Convention was considering a few different processes of electing a president. The first idea to elect a president was to have Congress choose the president, but some people didn’t like this idea, because they felt that it would lead to disagreement and overall conflict in Congress with people getting their feelings hurt. Some people thought that corruption and foreign powers would step in and get in the way, and some people thought that the balance between the legislative and executive branch would be unstable, so the idea was dismissed.

The second idea brought forth was to make the State legislatures in charge of choosing the president, but it was also dismissed. People were afraid that if this were to happen the president would have the state legislatures disobey federal authority to win.

Having the president be elected by a direct popular vote was the third idea. This was dismissed for fear of people voting for the person they liked personally the most rather than any candidate that was outside of their state. “…. People would vote for a ‘favorite son’ from their own state or region.” Says William C. Kimberling. (2000; p 1)

A “Committee of Eleven” in the Constitutional Convention brought a system for presidential election forth. It was an indirect election by a college of electors. This also became the first design of the Electoral College. State legislatures were responsible for the selection of the Electors, and neither members of Congress or employees of the federal government could serve as an Elector so a balance between the legislative and executive branch could take place.

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Sep 20, 2010