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Research Paper on Classic English Literature

Sample Research Paper on The Great Gatsby:
The story begins with Nick Carraway getting a house in Long island in a place called West egg. He was a scholar and had been educated at the Yale University. During the First World War, Nick got a job in France and, this is when he travelled the world. Nick was not satisfied with the life that he lived. Therefore, he decided to move to the small town and start again. During a visit to her cousin Daisy, Nick learns about the name of his neighbor, well known for throwing parties all the time. The neighbor, Jay Gatsby is a rich man who lives in a big mansion. Nick learns that Jay was an old-time love of her cousin Daisy.

The two met five years ago and became extremely intimate friends. When Jay proposed to Daisy, she refused to marry him because he was not rich and, he had to go and work far away for a long period (Bloom, 72). Daisy instead married a young man from a sophisticated family who had so much money. Jay was hurt by daisy because she refused to marry him because he was poor. He worked tirelessly and eventually became a rich man. He then bought a house near the marital home of Daisy in a bid to rekindle the love they once had.

Nick brings the two together when he invites both of them to his house. Daisy likes the new Jay and the love they once shared comes back to life. Daisy does not feel guilty that she is has extra marital affairs. This is because she knew the extra marital affair that her husband had with the wife of a petrol station owner. Daisy and Jay spend a lot of time together and this raises the suspicion of her husband. Jay did not seem to care whether she was married. To him, Daisy as his wife and all the years that he was away, Daisy had an affair with Tom. He believes that she is his wife so much that he told her he had forgiven her for having an affair.

Sep 28, 2011