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Strategies on Improving Digital Intelligence

digital intelligance

Today, we live in an era of technological progress. It’s inevitably involved in all spheres of human activity, including learning. Multiple technological applications, software, devices, etc. sufficiently enhance the productivity of learning and teaching. One of the main aspects of the use of technology in education is digital intelligence. This is a set of technical, cognitive, and other competencies that are based on the moral values of people that help to face different challenges in digital life. In other words, it’s the ability to transform virtual life into real life. Accordingly, digital intelligence is important for students. We’ll review effective strategies that help to improve digital intelligence for students.

Make Use of Big Data

Students and educators should use big data to succeed. Big data is an enormous amount of information sets concerning a concrete issue and related topics. People gather it to reveal patterns, trends, possibilities, associations, and something of the kind. It’s important for human behavior and how to interact with one another. Thus, students can define lots of answers having the necessary information. For example, you may gather information related to the productivity of learning and how to enhance your skills. To use big data correctly, you should understand its three major characteristics. These are:

  1. The volume of information.
  2. The velocity of informational spreading.
  3. The variety of information.

Understand Your Challenges

Understanding big data helps in many ways. One of them is to realize the current problems in education. Thus, you should understand Grand Challenges. This term was invented to circle out the main problems and the desired outcomes. They are very difficult to reach but aren’t impossible. Of course, educators and the government should regulate these problems. The typical problems of educational institutions are:

  • Financing;
  • Curriculum;
  • Student success;
  • Reputation;
  • External competition.

Students should use this list for their purposes. If you intend to go to college or university, check how the chosen institution faces these grand challenges. Thus, you’ll be able to choose an institution that can propose you the best conditions, including the improvement of your digital intelligence.

Learn Foreign Languages Using Tutorial Situations

In the era of globalization, the command of at least one foreign language has become utterly important. If you know a foreign language, you can enjoy success in the regions where it’s spoken. Digital intelligence allows for mastering foreign languages and you should simply use that advantage properly. One of the most effective strategies is to pass different simulated situations.
For example, Chinese developers have introduced a smart simulation in 2012. Its main objective was to enhance the student experience through different close-to-real-life situations. It’s the so-called embodied learning. Students can be surrounded by different scenarios.

They may appear on a busy market where a buyer intends to buy something from a Seller A, but Seller B interrupts trying to win the attention of the buyer. Students should attentively listen to those situations and translate them. The initiators of this project want students to translate everything they learn from textbooks into reality. This approach helps to master a foreign language much faster. If your college or university offers this option, make sure you don’t miss this outstanding opportunity.

Stick to Adaptive Method of Learning

One of the most beneficial learning methods is called adaptive learning. Oftentimes, it’s conducted online because it offers more opportunities. The main concept of adaptive e-learning is to analyze the quality of the educational process and make instant adjustments. For example, you pass a topic on history and you fail it. The intelligent program won’t allow passing to the next topic. It will assess the mistakes and will suggest another approach to relearn that topic until you perfectly master it.

Indeed, this method is very important for learners. Unfortunately, the standard curriculums don’t have much time for repeating the topics that weren’t properly comprehended by some students. They have no time to return to that problematic topic and teach it once again. With the help of distance learning and digital intelligence, this is not a problem anymore. Students can learn at their own pace and can prefer any learning method and tool to reach the desired outcomes. Adaptive learning perfectly suits to achieve success.

Develop Different Skills

One never knows what skill can be helpful tomorrow. Therefore, we strongly recommend developing all the possible digital skills. Thus, you’ll be prepared even for the least expected challenges. Develop the following skills:

  • Cloud-based;
  • Programming;
  • Image editing;
  • Microsoft;
  • Coding;
  • Branding;
  • Content-creating, etc.

Constantly Improve Your Skills and Expand Your Knowledge

improve skills

Another vital strategy is to progress as long as possible. You should continuously search for different learning methods and practice them. It’s essential to read up-to-date information because technology is on a constant move and develops every day. Once you stop reaching for something new, you may lose a lot and the regression will take place. This is a very simple but effective strategy that works for the improvement of digital intelligence, as well as any other direction.

You are supposed to be proactive. Try to participate in different workshops, webinars, discussions, etc. There are multiple online websites and companies that help students to fill in the gaps. Most of these events are free of charge. Therefore, you spend only your time, which will buy off in the long run.
Smart and Effective Recommendations to Develop Digital Intelligence

As you can see, multiple strategies, offer multiple solutions. We’d like to add a few more recommendations that will help to develop digital intelligence. Make allowances for the following essentials:

  • Remain up-to-date;
  • Become an “eternal” learner;
  • Read a lot;
  • Understand technology before you use it;
  • Improve your technical skills in different ways;
  • Implement and try new software;
  • Set strict but realistic objectives;
  • Consider professional help;
  • Maximize the efficacy of learning;
  • Define your learning style;
  • Manage your time effectively, etc.

Stick to these important recommendations. Make use of the strategies mentioned above. Combining them, you’ll sufficiently enhance your digital awareness to use digital intelligence more effectively.

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