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Simple English Worksheets for Kids Perfect for Students As Well

There are many English teachers all over the world. Some teach English to students in English-speaking countries, but some teach it as a second language in non-English speaking countries. Training non-native students requires using as many tools as possible to provide interactive process. It may sound funny, but almost all English worksheets for kids will be perfect for students as well, especially for those ones, who are poor at English.english worksheets

Flash Cards

These are basic language tools, and they can be used to teach kids as young as 4 and 5 and adults that cannot speak a word in English. In spite of the fact that adults learn faster, you still require heaps of silly games with the cards to practice the material. Pictures and words. Hard to beat.


We all think of Bingo as being a gambling game played by adults, but in fact, Bingo is a very popular English teaching game that has as many variations as you can think up. In this game, there is usually a winner, and that sharpens the interest of the learners. It helps to recognize the words while the spelling is priceless. You can be sure that everyone knows what Bingo means. You can create these worksheets on your own either download them from the Internet and introduce such an activity as a part of the current lesson to revise recently learned words.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

While this was originally introduced as a computer game, it can also be presented as an English worksheet that has questions a team must answer. You can mix this game up with English grammar and general knowledge. Questions that are about the students’ countries are very popular. Using Monopoly money will add a touch of realism to the game.

Put the Words in Place

This game helps students construct sentences using the correct grammar tenses. The most common word usage involves mixing in a few plurals with the correct pronoun. This was originally a kid’s game but is also a great learning tool for adults as you can make the sentences more complex.

Talking about a Picture

This is another great game for both kid and adults as well. After lessons on vocabulary and grammar, it’s a good idea to make an interactive lesson where the students describe what they see in the picture. The picture is so constructed to revise the vocabulary. Constructing the sentence correctly, forms such a lesson practical.


This game has moved towards a new level by introducing magnetic cards that stuck to the whiteboard. For kids, 12 cards are the maximum that is 6 matches. For older students, it would go as high as 24 cards. You can have the match with either a picture or a word, as two words or as an associated word. The degree of difficulty depends on the English level of the class.

Students love playing games, and it’s amazing to see what lengths ESL teachers will go just to give the students a challenge as well as an enjoyable way to learn.

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