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Reaction Essay on Global Warming

The major purpose of a reaction essay is to allow the writer to carefully assess his or her feelings or thoughts concerning a given topic. With this purpose in mind, the tips on writing a good reaction paper are very simple. The obvious need is to obtain a clear understanding of the phenomenon to which one is required to react. In the process, one must evaluate his or her feelings concerning that phenomenon. This involves identifying the arguments with which one concurs, and those that he/she opposes. It is also helpful for the writer to consider whether he or she agrees with related allegations.

It is a fact that the world is experiencing a significant climate change, as is evident in unpredictable weather patterns. This has led to an international discussion of global warming and its threat to future existence of life on earth. For example, it is difficult to predict each year what geographic locations will experience rainfall and to what extent. Additionally, ice caps are melting, resulting in the rise of the sea level in some low-laying land areas, many of these highly populated with people. Furthermore, for the past couple of years, world media has aired news of huge wildfires in a number of locations world-wide. Moreover, deadly heat waves are occurring more frequently. Severe storms have also been witnessed in various parts of the world, causing loss of human lives and destruction of property. In addition, severe droughts that had hitherto never been experienced are becoming commonplace in many countries. These are concrete examples that global warming is a real threat.

With these concerns in mind, scientists have warned that mankind is to experience more serious consequences if immediate action is not taken to address the issue of global warming. One incontestable fact is that global warming is presently occurring. How else can one explain the alarming rise in the earth’s temperature, if it is not because of global warming? The trend of rising temperatures is clear, at least by observing the standard surface temperature all over the world. Before the start of the millennium, the situation was relatively better than it presently is. Rainfall was pretty predictable, and surface temperature was generally lower than has been witnessed since 2000. This observation is sufficient to validate the hypothesis that global warming is bound to continue if the present patterns of human activity do not change in such a manner has to alleviate the problem.

The implication is that human beings are the major cause of global warming. While governments in every nation have imposed environmental safety standards on manufactures and industries, it is regrettable that very few companies strictly observe such legislation. Industrial emissions are known to overload the atmosphere with too much carbon dioxide, which in turns traps heat, thereby driving the earth’s temperature up. Apart from industrial activities, human activities such as deforestation generate huge carbon dioxide emissions, particularly in tropical countries.

Since evidence strongly indicates human beings are the cause of global warming, the inference is that human beings can slow down global warming and its damaging effects. Through collaborative efforts, the world’s nations can take immediate action to lower carbon an emission, consequently decelerating the pace at which global warming occurs. This action is of utmost urgency and importance since it determines the viability of future generations. Success in minimizing global warming can only be achieved by involving everyone. For instance, elected leaders must be put under pressure to pass necessary legislation. At the individual level, proper waste disposal must be practiced.

Tips on reaction essay writing:
To compose a good reaction essay on any topic, the writer needs to conduct some research on that topic. For example, if you are not fully aware of the causes and effects of global warming and how it impacts mankind, you would need to read some studies before writing a reaction essay on global warming. Otherwise, how do you know what your thoughts are on the topic? Do not forget to take notes as you read and to develop an outline for your paper. This will make the writing process go smoother and easier for you. To finalize your essay, you might read the reaction essay aloud, listening for correctness in grammar and word choice, as well as organization of ideas.

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