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Persuasive Essay on Gun Control

English teachers encourage students to look for controversial issues in society on which to base a persuasive essay. The reason is that the teacher wants a topic that can be easily debated on either side of the issue and that brings forth strong emotions from both sides. The purpose is to help students organize and express ideas in a clear and coherent manner. One such controversial issue is gun control. One side of the argument is that the policies for owning and using guns should be stricter. One who holds such a position might argue as follows:
It is very unfortunate that people are losing their loved ones due to the misuse of guns. While guns should be used to enhance security of people in a society, the same guns have been using in perpetuating crimes that have worsened the security status of many countries. In order to eradicate the issue of insecurity, guns should be used only when necessary. In this case there is a need to put in place policies that will ensure that gun use is properly controlled.

In addition to this example are suggestions below on how to write a persuasive essay on gun control.

Suggestions on How to Write a Persuasive Essay on Gun Control:

  • First, determine what your position is on gun control. Next, plan the major arguments in support of your position. Be sure to offer explanations, facts and statistics, as well as examples. You can even include anecdotal material. Do not forget the “so what” factor. In other words, make certain to get the reader to see why it is important to that individual’s personal life.
  • Secondly, when preparing a persuasive essay on gun control, the writer should explain the reason why guns are in the hands of the people. Constitutional rights can be discussed as to the original intent and modern interpretation of those rights. In addition, the writer can point out reasons why people should respect the sanctity of life and the right of every human being to be alive, regardless of ones stance on regulations involving gun control.
  • Next, the writer can help the reader to explore whether everyone should have a right to own and operate a gun. For example, should criminals be permitted to own and use a fire arm? What about individuals with mental health issues? While every person is entitled to security, not all people should be issued guns. This is the reason why governments put into place stringent measures for applying for and purchasing weapons. Additionally, the writer can remind the reader that cooperation between civilians and the police is important in following the due process for acquiring guns. Regulations and the need for regulations can be explored in this context.

Preparing a persuasive essay on gun control is not as easy as one may think. Emotions run high. On one hand is the need to protect oneself and even ones country. Furthermore, some individuals use weapons for sport, such as range shooting or hunting. However, there are safety issues where someone acts out anger or frustration by pulling a gun and shooting the other person. In addition to that are issues with criminals. Some say that guns should be better monitored to keep them out of the hands of those who would harm society, while others argue that those who break the law will obtain guns anyway. However, regardless of what side of the issue you choose to support, you will need to make your position clear and your arguments strong. Moreover, you will need to convey your ideas in a clear and compelling manner. Feel free to succeed in persuasive essay writing with!

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