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Essay on Solar Energy

Economical feasibility of large-scale solar energy collection
Results and Discussion
Table 1, (Appendix) displays middle ground estimation of PV and cost production for the 10kW system of PV in dollars. The data can be a representation of large system of residential or a minute commercial system. The required calculations were scaled down and up having a number of adjustments for the scale of economies that are linked to the larger systems installation. In this regard, the basic costs include installation, inverters replacement. The costs are observed to have a decreasing trend, and they flatten temporarily. For instance, $80,000 figure installation is a representation considered being fair, and optimistic. In this case, a typical system of residential would have $8 in every watt. There is a possibility of declining costs with time.

The key issues that are linked to the analysis of cost include the panel’s lifetime and the required, discount rate for the project evaluation. Different types of panels normally have warranties that are limited for a minimal of 20 years or longer (Nemet 6) The data presented assumed a 25 year calculation of lifetime. Such a timeframe leads to the extending of life to about 30 years ad the cost of every kWh would be smaller as a result of discounting. Table identifies a range of actual interest rates. A number of industries have suggested that a high rate is extremely reflective of the different rates of interest that are normally faced by a variety of buyers. The values are always higher than the social discount real rate for which an individual could apply to the analysis of the public policy. In this respect, an interest that is lower could be the most relevant. In table 1, the given low rates of interest rates are relatively lower hence appropriate in the evaluation of the rate of the social discount, and the two high ones are relevant on evaluating the opportunity of the market capital cost.

Jun 26, 2013

Essay on International Families

The family structure on an international basis comes from the diverse nature of the world. This is basic even in the simple family structure. The status, “nuclear family” does not give sense to our society as it once did. The change in the mode of family diverts to single parents as single parents raise more children. The growth of diverse families in terms of religion, race and ethnicity increases with globalization. The differences are common in the life of children, making it a comfort issue in the making of unique family decisions. Families are different, making it difficult to link the similarities and differences. Children are likely to compare their family situations with others making it viable for them to get lessons on appreciation.

Comparison on international families
International families consists of traditional and the modern family. To analyze this understanding, we look at the family in terms of sociology. International families come in different sizes and family types. The modern family is smaller but uses independence to ensure continuity and growth in the family. The traditional family protects its members by using obedience and bringing the family together. The modern family displays as a nuclear family comprising of a father, mother and children. The average number of children may be one or two depending on the family setting. The comparison of this in the traditional family is the existence of extended individuals. The traditional family setting comprises of more children, grandparents, parents and sometimes aunties and uncles.

How to Write a Good Psychology Essay

Writing a good psychology essay is not an essay task, as it depends on adhering to appropriate psychology guidelines for writing. The psychology essay topic should be thoroughly researched with qualified and credible academic sources, such as reputable websites, peer-reviewed journals and other reputable publications. In addition, the essay should be properly formatted according to APA style, which is the most widely used writing style by psychology writers. This style is defined by the American Psychological Association (APA).

Choosing a Psychology Topic
Although you may be allowed to choose your own topic, the professor often assigns psychology essay topics to students. These topics are often in the form of research questions. If you choose the topic, make sure it is course relevant and one that is interesting to you. If it doesn’t interest you, then chances are it won’t interest your readers either.

Structuring the Psychology Essay
Be sure to follow all required guidelines given by the professor and ask questions if anything is unclear about the assignment.

Jun 13, 2013

How to Get an Essay Done

Completing an education is one of the best decisions one can make in life, and part of completing an education includes writing essays. However, writing an essay is not an easy task, as it involves a complete process to get the job done. Completing essay assignments contributes to maintaining good grades and GPA scores. Many potential employers often ask potential employees for their school transcripts and not just a copy of their degrees. So, it is a good idea to be sure to complete quality essays to boost one’s grades.

Steps to Completing an Essay:

  • Choose a topic – Unless you are assigned a specific topic you will need to choose one, so choose one that is interesting to you. Just make sure it is in line with the assigned purpose, such as an overview or an analysis.
  • Make an outline – The outline is how you will organize your ideas about your topic. The original structure of the outline may change as you go, but using it gives you a blueprint to follow.
  • Create a thesis statement – This will convey to the readers what your essay is about, as well as specific points you plan to prove about the topic. The thesis statement states the purpose of the essay.
Jun 11, 2013

What is Custom Essay Writing?

A custom essay writing service supports students who do not have enough time to prepare for and complete essay projects, because of their busy school and personal schedules. A custom essay writing service comes in handy to keep students’ grades and GPA scores at acceptable levels while they are going through tough times. A custom essay service can help students meet deadlines and eliminate the worry of not doing so.

Writing Services to Choose From
There are various custom essay writing services online that students all over the world may use. However, all of them are not created equal. It is a good idea for students to do a bit of research about a particular writing company and ask questions prior to using their services. It is important that students choose a writing service that is reputable and staffed with professional, experienced, creative, and reliable writers, proofreaders and editors.

How to Write a Good Management Essay

The Purpose of Management Essays
Management essays give insight into up-to-date information and trends in the field of management, in any area of expertise such as healthcare management, conflict management, time management, risk management, etc. Writing a management essay is not always easy. Following is a concise guide on how to write a good management essay.

Tips for Writing a Management Essay
The first thing to keep in mind, when writing your management essay, is focusing on new information or introducing a new concept. The essay should incorporate a clear idea into theories, complete with examples to back up the idea. Following are tips to help you.

  • The Topic – Choose a topic that introduces a new concept or clarifies an existing concept. Also, it is a good idea to use real life examples to reinforce ideas. Categories of topics to choose from include planning, resourcing, motivating, organizing, compensating, or development.
  • The Structure – Your essay structure should contain the introduction, body, conclusion, and recommendations. Also, consider the readability of your essay and use headings, subheadings, and bullet-points.
May 27, 2013

How to Write a Good Marketing Essay

The Purpose of Marketing Essays
Marketing essays can help put a good marketing strategy in place by conveying information about competitive market advantages and financial profits. Marketing essays express thoughts and ideas and persuade people in understanding opinions and viewpoints relating to marketing strategy initiatives.

Tips for Writing a Good Marketing Essay
Begin with deciding on a relevant topic and thesis. This includes conducting relevant research about the marketing aspects that pertain to your chosen subject. Three important aspects of marketing are: image, the competition, and customer service. It is important to focus on these three marketing aspects when writing a marketing essay. In addition, the following tips will help you with your essay:

  • The Topic – Choose a topic based on a logical framework within your field, such as those researched by past marketing experts like Philip Kotler and Michael Porter.
  • The Framework – The framework of your marketing essay should have a theoretical approach such as with those by marketing experts. It is important to study other companies and products to understand market positioning, using reliable research sources, for a relevant essay. Reliable research sources include those from publications and universities such as JSTOR, EBSCOhost, Harvard, or Cambridge. Next, construct an outline of your essay to use as a blueprint for writing the essay.

Ideas for Term Papers

Do you need ideas for your academic papers? A term or research paper is a matter of reading several sources on a particular subject. The task of writing such is not too difficult if it is thought out in advance.

Use the following steps to help you write a sound term paper:

  1. Choosing a subject. This is really where your paper gets its success. If you choose the right topic then you will write a good paper.
  2. Finding sources of materials. Normally you would limit your sources to those available on the campus and use materials that are not more than 20 years old. Your content must be sound and authoritative. This is a very important part and it is also quite time consuming.
  3. Gathering the notes. As you research your materials you need to make notes of material you intend to use. Ensure you record the bibliographical information as well. Be honest in your use of material. Do not mispresent it to support a point when it actually does not. Do not avoid presenting opposing views if it helps establish yours.
  4. Outlining the paper. Once you have gathered your information on your topic you need to then prepare the outline of your paper. Sort your material into main divisions. Then within those use subdivisions, being careful to stay focused and relevant on the subject. It should begin to take on a definite structure. Refine this structure until you are satisfied it covers your subject and materials in a clear and logical way.
May 21, 2013

How to Hire a Research Paper Writer

It may be something that you dread, but during the course of your education, you will be required to write research papers. This is a big part of much of the grade in certain majors, so if you want to get the best grades possible, you will need to turn in excellent research papers. However, this may be a challenge sometimes because of all the work you have to do, along with your busy life and schedule. There may be times when you are not able to get all of your work done by yourself. This is when you should hire a research paper writer to write your paper for you. However, you need to know exactly how to do this.

Where to Find Research Paper Writers
You may wonder how you can get help with your research paper, but all you need to do is look online. There are plenty of experienced, professional freelance research paper writers available on one of the many academic paper writing sites online. Just do a relevant search for keywords that pertain to what you want, such as ‘research paper writers’ or ‘online academic paper writers.’ Just be sure to ask questions before you use any service, so that you will have an idea of their process.

How to Write an Informal Essay

Purpose of an Informal Essay
The purpose of an informal essay is mainly for entertainment and enjoyment. An information essay is written in a relaxed style, but still has a definite structure to it. When writing an information essay, you are free to express your opinion more openly than with a formal essay. Informal essays are used to write about personal experiences, controversies, news issues, etc. Unlike a formal essay, an informal essay has a conversational or amusing tone, to appeal to the reader’s sense of fascination. Informal essays are not necessarily politically correct because they are of a laid back nature.

Segments of an Informal Essay
Even though an essay is informal, it still needs to be written with an organized structure to it with the following segments:

  • The Purpose
  • The Title
  • The Body
  • The Conclusion
May 15, 2013