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5 Hints to Handle the Most Difficult Papers for Students

Have you ever thought about how many students get expelled every year because failing to pass the exam or present the papers for the overall assessment? Such stress can occur even in the summertime when the studying process is not yet to start. Thus, there are two ways only to be ready, whether to find a proper writing service that perfectly copes with any type of paper, or to find out the obstacles depriving students of getting an excellent grade. Let’s overview of 5 hints to handle their writing, and decide on their relevance.

What Are the Types of Papers?

The hardest thing in writing a paper is the understanding of its requirements and format. On the other hand, if a professor or educational organization makes it clear, and provide students with instructions, there is nothing complicated. As of now, there are 6 most commonly hard types of papers, accordingly 6 unique ways to write them.

Argumentative paper
Before you dream of gathering all the personal arguments prepared in your mind, it is necessary to have exact evidence and facts. Only with such instruments, there is a chance to be listened to while delivering a speech. To make it simple, ask yourself the next questions:

  • Can someone argue against my statements? Usually, it is good to battle, but make sure your targeted audience does not prevail over your arguments. It will mean that you didn’t prepare enough evidence to prove the relevance of the essay.
  • Is the evidence based on my personal point of view or real facts? Here is important to possess the arguments that can be proven in one or another way. Do not rely on politics, religion, personal beliefs.
  • Can the whole issue be solved with yes or no? Choose a topic that involves discussion. Once your content can be answered easily, there is no point even in delivering a speech.

Never try to push your opinion, just make others understand a different point of view.

Analytical paper
When dealing with this type of paper, students may go flop because they do summarize but not analyze the topic chosen. That’s why if such a fine line is violated, there is a bad mark. So, mind that HOW and WHY are the only interrogative words that are taken into consideration.

  • When writing this paper, it is necessary to speak of how one or another part of a subject contributes to the overall success. For instance, a student may be stuck in the next example: The development of new medication for cancer is delayed for well-known reasons. It can be explained by cost or lack of equipment. Yes, it is obvious. Try to analyze what components of such medication should be available, what processes are involved when creating a pill, etc.

No need to tell obvious facts, analyze every single detail.

Definition paper
It deals with defining one-word meaning. But, two requirements must be met at all times; otherwise, it is an analytical paper. One word has to possess a complex meaning and be disputable. It means that the targeted audience who will listen to such an essay may have different opinions toward its definition. The most common mistakes when a student chooses this type:

  • Simple words. For example, a pen. Okay, what is next? It has one meaning, it does not have metaphors connected with its definition. And, it is not disputable, of course. How can 20 people discuss the purpose of pen except for its writing capability?

When choosing a complex word, and your essay can be extended to 1000 words. When a pen, do not waste your time even for 100 words.

Persuasive paper
It may coincide with the argumentative paper, but it serves as a freestanding work. So, here, a student should convince the public that his point of view is universal, and it tells the fact. Why is it hard to write?

  • A student does not attach the evidence and facts but only persuades that his opinion is the best because he decides so. It does not work like this because it is not a professional approach.
  • Very complicated topic. Sometimes writers choose such complicated topics to persuade others that it does work. But, because no one else is aware of the content spoken.

Try to rely on the close topic to the faculty or subject studied.

Cause and effect paper
Such paper is relatively easy compared to other types. But, there are also a few obstacles preventing students from getting an A grade. They are:

  • As far as this paper tells about how one event causes further actions, students may forget to write about the results. Ok, there is one cause, and there is one effect. Where is the continuation?

The story should be gradually opened, with the description of the events affected the cause and the result.

Compare and Contrast paper
What can be simpler than taking two subject and contrast and compare them? In practice, this paper is also not so easy. Why?

  • Students choose two completely different subjects that are compared and contrasted awkwardly. For instance, beer and apple. One is alcohol, and the second is fruit. What an interesting paper.
  • One compared and contrasted subject prevails in features. A student should equally estimate them.

And, of course, such paper takes much effort to collect the facts because you cannot just compare the look and properties.

5 Hints to Write them with No Trouble

Let’s overview of how to handle the writing of the above-mentioned papers. Actually, there is no universal solution except a firm desire to learn how to write them. Nevertheless, some of the hints are saving time and effort.

  • Cite experts or scientists who agree with your point of view. “The fast-food is advertised more than any other product on television. The more junk food advertising children see, the more of it they eat. Jamie Oliver.” Here, a student mentions what he/she wants to prove to other people, and attaches the quote matching his statement.
  • Minimize such weak qualifiers as I feel, I believe, I think, I mention, I recommend, etc. Especially in the case when there is no too much your opinion. When a whole essay is stuffed with these qualifiers, it looks as if a student just wants to reach a set number of words to meet the requirements. Such tricks are quickly recognized by professors, and they affect the final grade. For instance, in compare and contrast essay, instead of writing: I believe that the American and Canadian financial markets extremely different toward the wages. Write, American, and Canadian financial markets are believed to be extremely different toward the wages.
  • Find accurate facts, evidence, and arguments. Never deteriorate your essay with unknown numbers. For example, about 3500 people climbed the mountain Everest. It is not the correct number if taking the data in 2019. Such a mistake also affects the final grade. If checking the Internet, it is around 4,000 registered climbs to Everest.
    If you submit your paper online, attach the hyperlink. Check it out. About 4,000 people climbed the mountain Everest.
  • Never act like you are an expert. First of all, if a student delivers a speech on his topic, he should act like he is a researcher who wants to share or prove one or another fact. If he manages to act like he knows all, a professor will not understand such a boldness. For example, in your essay, there should be no such cliche as my opinion is correct, my point of view is proven, etc.
  • Work on the hook. This is the first impression of the essay. There will be no more a chance to grab readers’ attention. For instance, if a student deals with compare and contrast essay, in Folk and Traditional Medicine, use the next hook: in 2019, folk medicine killed about 100 people in China, when traditional medicine answered to such events with increasing of the prices for medications and services. Basically, you attracted attention by pointing the crucial number of deaths and compared and contrasted what was going on in both fields.

If you follow such hints, your essay will be written at least with fewer mistakes, and the chances to get an excellent grade are higher. Now, it is high time to speak of the informational sources that can help to write even more efficiently.

Top Sources to Improve the Quality of Writing an Essay

There are plenty of dedicated websites to help students write much more productively. First off, the easiest way is to visit any popular news website and read the articles. For what? To check the language, and the tone used in those articles. It will help to understand the old-fashioned words, new vocabulary, and what grammatical tenses are the most popular nowadays. Otherwise, a student may turn to infographics such as about argumentative essay:

This picture deals with the most popular topics for argumentative essays. Any student can pick up and make it with unique content.
Difficult Papers
Other helpers are:

  • Essay Requirements;
  • Paper requirements;

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