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The Matter of Detail in a Descriptive Essay

Descriptive essays are essay writings that tend to create deeply involved and vivid reader’s experience. The best essays of this form achieve this open effect by the use of detailed observations and descriptions and not through facts and statistics. These forms of essays are meant to outline the reality with the help of words.

Identifying an Idea and Describing It
It is normally important to identify exactly what one wants to describe. In addition, mostly descriptive essays tend to focus on the following elements:

  • Experience
  • A certain place
  • A memory
  • A specific object

The ultimate focus of descriptive writing is to give details about above-mentioned topics for the reader to clearly imagine the picture in his/her head.

Reasons for Writing a Descriptive Essay
First, descriptive essays depict what one observes as its core reason. They are normally based on certain agendas and events. Understanding this helps one to focus on the description and imbue one’s language with a particular emotion.
While writing a descriptive essay one should show the imagery of an idea without telling it. The following examples give the difference between showing and telling.

  • I got tired of taking banquet.
  • As I rested my head against the pinnacle of the chair, my eyelids started to get heavy, and the ends of the empty plate in front of me was blurred with the white table cloth.

The initial sentence tells the reader what you got tired of, which was dinner. The second shows exhaustion.

The most efficient descriptive essays are gauged by how they effectively show an action the way it happened. This is because they enable readers and the audience to imagine and experience the act matching the description.

What is more, it is normally important to focus on the five senses that are closely connected with the detailed side when writing a captivating essay. These include:

  • Sight
  • Sound
  • Smell
  • Touch
  • Taste

When one writes his/her descriptions based on the five senses they provide a clear and precise picture to the readers rather than telling them their intentions and thoughts.

Quick Guidelines for Writing a Descriptive Essay
Jotting down a descriptive essay can seem like an easy task but it can be quite complicated. So it’s normally important to have a quick checklist of questions to guide you through when arranging, drafting, and modifying your essay work.

Preparation of a Descriptive Essay

  • Identify the description you want to give.
  • Enlist your reasons for the description.
  • Decide on areas to implore emphasis on.

Draft Your Descriptive Essay

  • Choose the senses and textures that are significant for developing the description.

Include details that will enable the readers to have a clear impression of your emotion and point of view during your description.

Revise Your Description Essay

  • Check for minor details that might have been left out but are vital.
  • Remove any unnecessary wordings in the essay.
  • Check to see whether each paragraph deals with a distinct aspect of the description.
  • Always revise your choice of words to ensure that they describe your intended emotions.
  • Evaluate whether sufficient detail has been included to enable the readers to get a clear and precise picture of your description.

To sum up the guidelines given above, it is necessary to mention the importance of detailed writing in descriptive essays. With the help of a thorough depiction of things, readers have the opportunity to picture them in their minds and that is the main purpose of descriptive writing.

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