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Marketing Assignment Sample

A marketing assignment is an exercise which is widely used in the various educational programs.

Simulating a marketing plan of an imaginary company gives students the opportunity to test their skills in practice with no real risk of loss. The marketing assignment sample provides an example of a marketing plan of an imaginary logistic company: it fully describes the structure of the enterprise and the basic principles of its functioning.
Marketing Assignment


  1. Creating freight forwarding company with the formation of the regional offices (branches, separate subdivisions) of the cargo delivery;
  2. Organization of the complex service for the small-lot shipments of the potential customers, including freight forwarding, insurance, warehousing, and door-to-door delivery;
  3. Increasing the market share of freight forwarding and warehousing services.


The sales department is responsible for customer service, acceptance of applications and documents on transportation, registration of waybills, the regional carriers, and attraction of the new customers.

The legal department is working on the claims, interaction with the regional representatives on legal issues as well as the preparation and management of contracts both with the clients and the transport companies.

Regional development department works with the opening of the new branches, the search for warehouses, offices and regional carriers, the regional cargo marketing research, and the advertising campaigns.

Freight forwarding department is responsible for rolling stock and ensuring the implementation of applications for the delivery of cargo. The maintenance of its own vehicle park, including the passage of inspection and obtaining permits, also belongs to its expertise. The provision of the additional services for the carriage of goods by other types of transport (railways, planes, container transportation) as well as the organization and control of the international expedition of goods are also common here.

Planning Budget

The beginning of the procedure of formation of the budget is the notification sent by email to all heads of the financial responsibility centers for 5 days prior to the deadline for the submission of the budget requests. After that, the responsibility center managers present their budget requests within the monthly budget not later than on the 10th day of the month preceding the beginning of the budget period. For the effective control over the expenditure of cash, it is needed to introduce the additional operational planning, which should be complementary to the budget. Operational financial planning includes the preparation and execution of the payment schedule, the cash plan, and the credit plan.

Setting the Price

The value of services in the eyes of the customers can significantly vary. Hence, the lack of the account in the pricing leads to the fact that a considerable amount of money remains in “someone else’s pocket.” It is not always easy to adapt to the scale of price fluctuations in the value of the buyer but it is the only way to prevent the failure of missing the major opportunities for profit. It is also necessary to consider the interests of the loyal customers. For it, it is proposed to introduce a discount card system. The essence of the introduction of a discount card is supposed to ensure that clients are provided with continuous constant or cumulative discount rates in all areas of the company, which is expressed in the percentage of the fare or the specific numerical terms.


When choosing a freight forwarding company, which is engaged in cargo transporting, the customer is always focused on the urgency of the delivery as well as the price-quality ratio. This is one of the most important criteria by which the client makes his or her choice. Even if the company offers the low price to the customer but does not comply with the stated schedule for shipping, the customer goes to the company with the higher prices but with a regular frequency of shipments projected in the terms of delivery. Many new companies make this mistake that leads to their bankruptcy at the only beginning of the working period.

Therefore, to avoid such mistakes, it is important to show the projected shipments frequency to the client that will be available to view online at any time of a day. Likewise, to reach the proper speed of delivery and quality at the opening of the company, it is necessary to use the services of the other logistic companies. Based on this scheme, the initial operations would give no profit or even give some loss. In any case, such step is inevitable, as without it, the development of freight forwarding activity would be impossible.

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