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Essay on Managing through Continuous Improvement

This is a free sample essay on Managing through Continuous Improvement:
The corporate world in the new economic environment is experiencing a paradigm shift in management thought, where human resources have become the key asset of an organization and strategic human resource management is recognized as an important element to achieve competitive advantage.

The emerging scenario is highly complex, necessitating speed, flexibility, precision, quality and willingness and the ability to change for survival and success. This involves the formulation of a strategy to reorient organizational cultures to bring about openness, transparency, and mutual trust and healthy competition among employees.

The colour and complexion of industry has changed due to changes in technology and expansion of world markets. While organizations in he past had relatively stable and predictable environments, today’s organizations have to cope with the unexpected. The development of a positive work culture, where employees work as teams, is perhaps one of the best ways to manage change.

An increased number of human resource professionals have been included in the top management of Companies. This has led to a qualitative improvement in human resource interventions. Human resource management is being used as a ‘business development’ tool.

This includes the following initiatives taken by various organizations:

  • Imparting new skills and upgrading existing ones through training and managerial conferences, encouraging creativity and identifying fresh talent.
  • Infusing professionalism and dynamism, building a learning organizations, promoting corporate values, opening communication channels, designing accurate job description, monitoring achievements, giving incentives to encourage productivity, etc.

With globalization and technological changes feeding each other, business paradigms have undergone a major shift. Information technology has resulted in flatter structures and less hierarchical control in organization. Competition has places several demands on Companies, especially in terms of revamping the organization to meet contemporary needs.

In the current Indian scenario, while public services are being privatized, private sector organizations are also in the process of re-examining their structures and job roles. Traditional hierarchies are making way for innovative structure to manage organizations.

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