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Literary Research Paper Writing Prompts

Literary researches, though given not too much attention by many tutors and professors, form he greater part of the students’ writing assignments. To master the skills needed to conduct good literary researches, students need to be diligent and attentive to details. There are several important aspects which are to be constantly considered when composing a literary research. The present article would address them attempting t help students gain more knowledge on literary research writing.

The foremost skills to be mastered when composing a literary research concerns proper choosing of the bibliographical sources. It is not a secret that the sources selected for this or that academic paper are to be credible and scientific, true and not out-dated. Thus, to select a literature source during the literary research, the student needs to pay attention to the author and volume of publication of this or that sources, as well as the publishing house and date. If all of these pieces of information seem credible and worth attention, then the student may proceed with referencing this or that work. What is more, the student should have knowledge on comparing the peer reviewed articles from those which are not. It is crucial for some academic papers to be citing only the peer reviewed sources, and many students find it difficult to distinguish between those. So, information and credible sources seeking is the foremost stage of every literary research written by a student.

Another important step in composing a literary research concerns critical evaluating of this or that information found during the first phase of writing. The information presented in the literary sources, and in the Internet as well, may not always be true, and students blindly relying on it may sacrifice their academic reputation. Sometimes, they fail to prove the facts to be included into the research and thus, their paper could not be considered good as well. Students need to have the critical thinking skills as well as ability to apply the appropriate analyzing principles to identity if the given study is relevant, unbiased and valued for the further literary research. This is the skills which could not be grasped immediately, it usually takes long time before it is mastered.

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Apr 16, 2015