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Learn How to Do English Creative Writing Essays without Breaking a Sweat

Do you need help with English creative writing essays? Not to worry, help is here. This guide on creative writing essays will help you with your next imaginative masterpiece.

What is a Creative Writing Essay?

A creative essay is a non-fiction work that gives specific care to the visual quality, look and feel of the writing, describing details in such a way that the reader can live the story in their mind as well. This type of essay is generally told from the writer’s perspective. While they are non-fiction, they are an imaginative and vivid telling of true events.

Pre-Writing Exercises

Before you start writing take some time to do a few prewriting exercises. Start by journaling your thoughts. This is just a random collection of your thoughts so no subjects are off limits and no style is required. Just write down your thoughts and ideas for the paper. With a creative essay you might talk about an event that happened to you or someone you know. Try and think of an event others would be interested in hearing, or an event you are able to talk about imaginatively. Just write whatever details come to mind. Be sure to spend some time here and return to the task after setting it aside for a while to give your mind time to think about new ideas and process what you have written.

Paper Organization

Begin creating an outline. In a creative writing essay, if it is a story, generally something happens. Write the timeline of events from your point of view. You can list events sequentially, if that is how you plan to tell them. Or, if you want to add a twist to your paper, you could even start the paper describing the end scene, and then circle back and explain the event. It is up to you as to how to tell the story. This is also a good time to write a character sketch for each participant in the story so you can include interesting details about your characters and reference the sketch if you run out of ideas.

Writing Your Essay

Once you have the outline completed, this part should flow better. Now you just need to tell the reader about the events in the outline in a way they will find interesting and engaging. Be sure to describe events in detail. Include details like what you or others were thinking, how certain things felt. Consider all the senses, sight, sound, touch, taste can all be described. Was certain music playing during the event? How does listening to that same sample of music feel today? Does it bring back memories of the event? Remember facial expressions or any unique movements you remember and describe those to the reader. Any interesting detail can be included to put the reader into the scene you have in your mind. Since this is creative writing, you do not need to limit the way you express the events, they only need to have actually occurred, since it is also non-fiction.

Following these steps and keeping these details in your mind will really help when it comes to creative writing paper.

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Jan 10, 2017