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How to Write an Analytical Essay

While at school, college or university, you may be required to write analytical essays on a wide array of issues. This article comes in handy for students who need help with the objective analysis of issues to come up with meaningful and great papers.

Understanding how to write an analytical essay involves:

  • learning the significance of open mindedness in the writing of analytical essays;
  • structuring your thoughts;
  • seeing different perspectives of one issue;

An effective approach for a writer is to first thoroughly read the material to be analyzed. Understand the material clearly well. For a correct understanding of the material being critiqued, as a writer you should read it from four main perspectives: yourself, the material’s author, his/her audience and your audience. There is no other way of attaining objectivity in analytical essay writing.

Try to read the author’s mind and capture his/her main argument and intentions. Is the author really communicating effectively with his audience? Do you think his or her intended audience understood his/her persuasions? Do you agree with the author? Compare and contrast what you read from the material being critiqued with what other experts in the particular subject think. Consider what evidence or facts the author presents to back his/her arguments. Formulate your own opinion and back it up well with facts and research.

Consider also what your audience already knows about the subject. Are you trying to sway their opinion? For instance, if you are analyzing an article on whether or not the internet should be banned for underage persons, then consider what parents think about the whole controversy. Agree or disagree with the author and support your argument with facts and examples. The article may come out best if you prepare meaningful recommendations regarding the topic being analyzed.

So good luck with your analytical essay writing! If you need assistance, you can order a custom analytical essay at our professional essay writing service.

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Apr 21, 2010