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How to Write a PhD Personal Statement

A person might be required to write a personal statement when he or she is completing a PhD application. Professionals in this area have specific guides that need to be followed when completing the application process. The reader is supposed to understand what type of PhD program is being sought and the reasons behind the student’s preference to study in the proposed university. The reader must understand clearly what is of most interest to the customer in the specific field of study.

A good PhD personal statement should have all of these details, and the writer should be able to provide a background of their earlier academic credentials and empirical experience which may highlight his or her interest in the specific area of study.

When applying for a PhD, experience and prior knowledge is very important to help convince the board that one actually qualifies for the program. This is the highest level of study and hence professionalism and integrity applies at all times. As such, the skills and experience acquired by the applicant are vital in the process of transition from the undergraduate program to the postgraduate program. This also guarantees the level of success in the area of study. One may not want to apply the same statement to every application, and instead make each application unique based on the area of interest and the person who will be reading it. In addition, it is of great use to a writer if they conduct thorough research on the University that offers the program that they are applying to.

Grammar and type of vocabulary used must be well thought out. Very long sentences with repetition should be avoided at all cost. The sentences should be short and precise and the tone of the statement should be positive and enthusiastic. The word limit should also be adhered to. The statement should be structured with an introduction, main body and a conclusion. The purpose of the introduction is to captivate the reader and make them interested in reading the statement to the end. The reasons for choosing that particular institute of learning must be explained and the individual’s strength and personal skills should also be highlighted. The ability to communicate effectively and work as part of a team should be brought out by the writer. What’s more, the relevance of the undergraduate program to the PhD study should be described to demonstrate the foundation which was laid for further research and study. The career aim should be exemplified to demonstrate the intended contribution to society. One must try to make their statement unique; it must stand out among the rest.

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