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How to Write a Great Reaction Paper

In order to write a great reaction paper, a particular order needs to be followed. For instance, one must read through the given document carefully, while noting the key points. Watching the documentary, or fully partaking part in the seminar for the reaction essay topic, is also crucial in preparation for writing a great reaction paper. Taking notes of key thoughts, during one’s participation in the reaction essay events, is also an important activity during the preparation. This is because the latter helps in the generation of several ideas from which an individual is able to choose their key points.

Secondly, think of and briefly describe two key points that you want articulated in your reaction. In each key point, details like the various lessons learnt, the areas of agreement and the points with which you disagreed, need to be clearly stated. Since experts claim that a successful reaction paper is brief piece of work, the various points should be precise and clear. The third point on writing a great reaction paper is presenting a clear justification in support of the stated key points. The other step that is followed is the provision of a real life example regarding the subject of discussion, which must be clearly explained for a better understanding of it. Finally, a brief description of how the researchers point is connected to public relations is given.

The bibliography entails presenting a list of various documents like books, magazines and other scholarly documents used during the research. In addition, the list of works the writer plans to consult in future can also be included in the bibliography section. Provision of research methods for a thesis is also a compulsory part of a thesis proposal. This section includes stating the various research questions to be addressed in ones findings. This section also gives details on how the stated project will be handled, in order to be completed within the stated period of time. This generally means that the plan to be followed, in order to get the work done in a shorter period, is given.

In addition, the writer is supposed to convince their chosen committee that they are well prepared to conduct findings on the given topic, while providing various opportunities for the committee members.

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