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How to Write a Dissertation Proposal

Several guidelines are provided to enable an individual to write an excellent dissertation proposal. Here they are for your attention.

  1. They should be well detailed regarding the research topic. Current research shows that to be able to write a good dissertation proposal, students have to be well conversant with the topic at hand. This means that they need to gain a lot of information on the subject matter by reading several materials and books on the topic, know current findings on the topic and be able to access various literary sources.
  2. They should be able to go outside the area of study. This mainly means that they will be able to research from related topics and as a result, the research work presented will be unique, thus outdoing previous research on the subject matter. The issue of going outside the given area of study is an advantage in that it is a good source of new ideas for a given area of study.
  3. They have to be attentive. The issue of attention is a very powerful tool, especially, in the practical application of knowledge gained. In addition, it helps individuals to know the various methods, as well as the procedures, used in a given analysis. This then becomes a great source of information for the broad topic of study.
  4. They should know how to cite papers. For instance, an individual who knows the list of authors who wrote a particular article would give a great referenced dissertation proposal paper. In addition, having a good knowledge in the area of text citations would result to a great dissertation proposal.
  5. They should be creative. When a researcher is able to refer to research papers that were written previously and come up with new ideas, the outcome document becomes of greater value in comparison to earlier documents.

Below is the suggested format that should be used in the writing of a dissertation proposal:

  • A clear formulation of the research question at hand.
  • Justifying the Research Project.
  • Writing a literature review.
  • Compiling conceptual and theoretical research work.
  • Stating the research methodology.
  • Giving a detailed research plan that indicates how the various research stages will be carried out.
  • Budget and Time factor.
  • References together with appendices.

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