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How to Write a College Classification Essay: 3 Steps to a Masterpiece

Amongst a great variety of college papers, classification essay is probably one of the easiest. It’s pretty brief and doesn’t require an in-depth and too lasting research. Nonetheless, you should never think that you will write as if it’s a simple stroll in the local park. This would be a mistake. A classification essay is a responsible piece of writing.

This paper type is related to the organization of certain things, facts, terms, etc. into definite and logical categories. This piece of writing is needed for the convenience while arranging information. Such essay simplifies complex terms and makes them easier to comprehend. You won’t mess up things if you see that they are divided into groups with similar roots.

In order to cope with this paper, you should remember three crucial steps. These are:

  • Dividing things into logical categories.
  • Classifying categories with one principle.
  • Supporting every category using examples.

Prior to reviewing those three essential guidelines, it’s necessary to highlight one crucial point. A classification essay can be successfully completed if finding categories correctly. Your task is to sort out, classify, and bind the things together in a reasonable way. This can be achieved if knowing how to relate topics to one another.

For instance, your task is to classify sporting events. There may be two large groups like summer and winter sports. You can delve deeper and sort out separate competitions that can take place outdoors and indoors etc. Therefore, you should find and stick to a certain defining principle to divide all variables.

1. Determine the Category

Once you pick up a topic, you should make a proper research on all possible things that might be associated with it. This information will help you understand what category you are to classify. That is why the compiling of all facts is so significant.

Be thorough! Use critical thinking and analyze all details. Of course, you ought to verify the data you are going to implement into your text. You should know the peculiarities.

2. Use a Single Classification Principle

Every classification essay writer would confirm the golden rule for this essay type – use a single principle to classify your topic. It would make no sense in using different principles for one category. Under such a condition, you would simply mess the things up. However, the main objective of this essay type is to simplify and clarify your research.

Therefore, you should learn all possible principles. Your next move is to choose the most suitable one. The perfect combination would be the principle, which fits in the content and your personal writing style.

3. Provide Equal Examples

After you select the single principle and determine your category, support the studied research. Regardless of how many categories you are classifying in your essay, find equal examples for each. The number of examples should be the same. It would be wrong to support a certain category with too many. Their essence should be even as well.

Probably, you will devote more energy to the main category. Accordingly, it might take more time. Nonetheless, you ought to follow status quo.

Some Additional Points

It is worth mentioning the typical transitions. These are either kind, or type, or group. Thus, choosing a group, there should go the first – second – third group, etc. Do not add kind or type. This would be a mistake, and you will lose a lot of grades. You should keep clarity in your research.

Undoubtedly, a lot depends on the topic of your essay. If you are given the prerogative to choose on your own, you will reap great rewards. You will have a chance to choose the one that is interesting to you. Thus, the process of classification would run smoothly.

As a topic, you may choose:

  • Major events in the American history.
  • Countries classification (population, territory, etc.).
  • Classification of psychological diseases.
  • Sporting events.
  • Popular books, movies or TV shows, etc.

It’s up to you what to choose. Of course, you should make sure that the classified topic will be interesting, helpful, and relevant to your audience as well. Thus, you will earn more grades to sustain your academic progress.

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