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How to Write a Classification Essay

This will help you learn how to write a classification essay in your school or college… Many courses require classification essays to help students establish a relationship with the materials in the course, specifically to categorize information and clearly identify how the items interrelate with each other to form cohesive relationships for the specific topic. Many students have difficulty with the classification essay requirements when the materials do not fit together very well. To meet your goals for completion of your classification essay, begin simply with a table of information, identify what items belong in which categories, develop supportive evidence (as required by your course or instructor) and then form simply paragraphs.

Paragraphs for your classification essays may simply be formulated around the specific categories you have developed – your topic sentence for each paragraph will identify the category, the items in the category, and then all other sentences will support this information. Your first paragraph must still be an introduction that tells the reader what the paper is about and the final paragraph must still be a conclusion that summarizes the primary points from the paper; however, every paragraph in between will be a mini-paper of its own, describing a category and the items in it.

Success for your classifications essay is in the formulation of the primary table that will drive your paper and assist you in filling in the paragraphs that must be completed from introduction to conclusion. Additionally, be sure to writer your paper with enough time to edit it properly, allowing ample time for editing reduces the likelihood that you may place items in the wrong categories, or have writing errors such as spelling, grammar, or formatting errors.

Focus on getting organized and you will have a lot of success creating the classification essays to fit your particular course needs.

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Mar 18, 2010