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How to Improve Your Grammar for Writing

Students fail because of different reasons. One of them is poor grammar, which spoils the best ideas disclosed in academic papers. You may choose a perfect topic, find relevant evidence, and plainly reveal the thesis statement. However, you will definitely lose many essential grades if you make many grammar mistakes. Some students don’t even realize they have some grammatical errors. You’re supposed to sharpen your grammar skills even if your level is advanced. This informative guide explains how to improve your grammar for writing.

Begin from the Basics

No matter how good your grammar competence may be, don’t get too arrogant and self-confident. There are many rules and we forget about some of them from time to time. Consequently, don’t be shy to repeat the basics. It’s the best way to begin the reinforcement of your grammar skills. Pay attention to:

  • Functional grammar rules;
  • Punctuation;
  • Sentence structure;
  • Tenses;
  • Regular and irregular verbs;
  • The active and passive voices;
  • Prefixes and suffixes, etc.

It’s necessary to find at least one good grammar manual. Using the rules and examples, analyze your texts. Write out all the typical mistakes and try to avoid them in the future. When you check your texts, read them aloud. This method helps to detect more mistakes compared to silent reading.

Read and Practice Simultaneously

It’s of huge importance to read different grammar books, manuals, tutorials, and guides. They help to refresh your memory about grammar to improve it. In the meanwhile, you should obligatorily practice everything you read. Many students think that a theory is enough, but they get bitterly disappointed when it comes to writing. When you practice, you automatically memorize the way a certain rule is used in writing. Therefore, we recommend doing some grammar exercises right after you finish reading any rule. For example, you pass the topic “Subjunctive Mood”. Make sure you find good exercises, which help to check your knowledge in practice.

Enhance Your Vocabulary

Many students have problems with language choice. They seem to know only certain words and reuse them all the time long. It makes their papers boring and tells a teacher that their knowledge is poor. Give heed to the active vocabulary and expand it. Some students use the wrong words that don’t suit the topic or an assignment type. It’s likewise a grammar error, and thus you ought to learn more words. Use dictionaries to know the meaning of every new word and look for their synonyms. It’s the best method to enhance your active vocabulary and avoid silly mistakes. Read dictionaries, fiction literature, try different quizzes, scrabble, and something of the kind.

Use Technology

One of the most effective and convenient ways to improve learning skills is to use technology. It provides students with intelligent applications, which can improve merely every learning skill. Different smart applications help to improve grammar as well. They scan your text and highlight your mistakes. They commonly provide the right answers and explanations. Most grammar checkers are free of charge and you don’t even have to spend your money to enhance your grammar. Thus, you may use Google Docs, Grammarly, ProWritingAid, Ginger, and others.

Hire a Tutor

At times, it’s overly complex to understand definite rules. Many people frequently mess up the tenses or use the wrong words. Therefore, you may hire an experienced tutor who will explain the most complicated grammar topics. You’ll definitely find many experts. Carefully study the possible candidates, read the feedback of other students, etc. It’s always helpful to have a knowledgeable person who can clarify all the problematic aspects of grammar.

Helpful Grammar Books from Amazon

Reading and practicing grammar skills are of huge importance. Therefore, students should know what specified literature to read. Amazon is the best website, which provides people with all kinds of products and sources of information. We have selected 5 great grammar books, which will help to enhance your grammar.

  1. The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation. This book teaches grammar and punctuation comprehensively and smartly. It uses only facts with plain examples and no watery sentences. It reflects the latest rules, offers entertaining quizzes, etc. It is perfect for students who want to recall the basics.
  2. Complete English Grammar Rules. This one helps to easily and quickly absorb the necessary materials about grammar. It contains proper instructions, teaches how to avoid typical mistakes, provides multiple exercises to practice skills, and focuses on the main topics of grammar. These include verbs, tenses, nouns, punctuation, etc.
  3. The Elements of Style. You should give heed to this grammar book too. It offers eight elementary rules of usage, ten elementary principles of composition, typical misuses of words and expressions. It likewise pays attention to the form and similar details. It perfectly suits students of high schools, as well as universities.
  4. The English Grammar Workbook for Adults. You can likewise read this resourceful book, which is a perfect guide for functional writing. It contains basic grammar rules and provides exercises for the advanced level. You can learn how to craft emails, cover letters, conduct daily business, and so on. It’ll help to sharpen your grammar and writing skills for educational level. Moreover, it provides real-life situations when employees deal with official documents, specified writing, and grammar.
  5. The Only Grammar Book You’ll Ever Need. You may likewise prefer this great grammar book, which claims that no other guide or tutorial is required. It helps to perfectly polish your grammar knowledge and improve what’s wrong. the book is written by an experienced English teacher. It helps to understand the parts of speech and elements of a sentence, avoid typical writing mistakes, use punctuation correctly, enhance writing skills, and successfully complete different academic assignments.

Read these books and you will definitely enhance your grammar. Don’t forget about our smart tips, which are likewise helpful and efficient. Quite soon you’ll get rid of your typical mistakes and will write flawless texts on any topic and in any discipline.

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