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How to Get an Essay Done

Completing an education is one of the best decisions one can make in life, and part of completing an education includes writing essays. However, writing an essay is not an easy task, as it involves a complete process to get the job done. Completing essay assignments contributes to maintaining good grades and GPA scores. Many potential employers often ask potential employees for their school transcripts and not just a copy of their degrees. So, it is a good idea to be sure to complete quality essays to boost one’s grades.

Steps to Completing an Essay:

  • Choose a topic – Unless you are assigned a specific topic you will need to choose one, so choose one that is interesting to you. Just make sure it is in line with the assigned purpose, such as an overview or an analysis.
  • Make an outline – The outline is how you will organize your ideas about your topic. The original structure of the outline may change as you go, but using it gives you a blueprint to follow.
  • Create a thesis statement – This will convey to the readers what your essay is about, as well as specific points you plan to prove about the topic. The thesis statement states the purpose of the essay.
  • Do the research – The next task is conducting pertinent research by gathering information from scholarly academic sources such as journal articles from sites like JSTOR, EBSCOhost, as well as books and reputable websites.
  • Write the introduction – Your essay introduction should do the job of attracting the attention of the readers and persuading them to read the entire essay. The introduction illustrates pertinent points of the essay and gives the readers a foundation for what they will find in the essay.
  • Write the body – This is where the main content of the essay is created. It contains the main points and subpoints of the essay and it also elaborates on each point. This is where the purpose of the essay is described, explained, or argued.
  • Write the conclusion – The essay conclusion summarizes what was presented in the essay and provides the final perspective about the essay topic. The main points are reviewed and an author’s perspective is added.
  • Review for correctness – After the conclusion, you need to include any finishing touches needed in the essay. Make sure your paragraphs are in the correct order and that you have followed all of the essay assignment instructions. Also, do a spelling and grammar check and be sure the essay is formatted correctly.

These are the basic steps on how to get an essay done; however, if one is not up to the challenge of following these steps, using a professional essay writing service is an option.

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Jun 11, 2013