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How the Study of Psychology Can Help You Interact with People

The human mind is very complex.

It can be extremely difficult to understand why people in your life behave the way they do.

Psychology and Interaction with People

Why does your boyfriend or spouse keep leaving his dirty socks on the floor even though you keep asking him not to? Why does your friend always cancel plans with you at the last minute? Why does your mother always criticize?

The reasons are complicated; that’s why we have psychology – to understand them.

Here are all the ways the study of psychology can make your interactions with others go more smoothly.

  • The art of skillful communication is made up of many little things: word choice, tone, facial expressions, and body language. Any small misunderstanding can lead to problems later. Studying psychology helps you understand verbal and nonverbal communication better, and also convey your own message to others more clearly.
  • Understanding different personalities. Each individual reacts to situations differently based on his/her personality type. At Psychology classes, you learn all about these personality types and what kind of behavior to expect from them. In addition, there are many disorders (narcissism, passive-aggression, etc.) that cause people to behave in dysfunctional ways. Understanding these can help you cope with such behaviors in other people more effectively.
  • Understanding yourself. It’s not unusual to feel alone in your thoughts and feelings. But the fact is there are probably many other people who share them. Studying psychology helps you learn about those thoughts and feelings which may be confusing and difficult, giving you perspective to deal with them better. You will become a stronger person
  • Giving constructive feedback. Everyone needs feedback. But sometimes, if it’s given in a manner that’s critical or unkind, feedback can cause the other party to shut down. Psychology teaches you the nuances of how your feedback affects others, so you can use it to bring out the best in them instead of discouraging them.
  • Conflict resolution. No one enjoys conflicts, but sometimes it’s inevitable. When you learn what causes people to respond in a negative way to the behavior or situation, you can resolve the conflict calmly, without allowing yourself to get carried away by your emotions.
  • Identifying problem behavior. Sometimes we don’t realize that a friend’s or a co-worker’s behavior is a problem until it’s got out-of-control. Psychology helps us spot toxic behaviors and relationships early so that we can change the course or weed them out before things get too crazy for us to handle.
  • Avoiding unnecessary power struggles. Some things are worth fighting for. Others are not. Studying psychology helps you choose your battles and save your energy for the areas in which you really can make a difference.
  • Making the best of people’s good qualities. Studying psychology can make you more aware of dysfunction like anxiety or depression. But it also makes you more tuned into people’s positive qualities so you can appreciate them and use them to advantage in your personal life or the workplace.
  • Being a good leader. A study of psychology is excellent preparation for a position of leadership in a company. It helps you understand your employees and how to get the best out of them.
  • More options for careers. Studying psychology opens the doors to many great careers. You could become a clinical psychologist, a college professor, or a therapist, just to name a few. Your degree can also be useful if you go into a career as a vocational counselor, a human resource officer, a detective, or a market researcher.

As you can see, Psychology is more than just a class. It can be a key component to navigating human relationships and finding success.

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