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For Who to Write a Bibliography or 5 People Who Will Be Interested in Your References

Sometimes when you’re writing a paper, compiling a bibliography of your sources can seem pointless and annoying. You may wonder for who to write a bibliography, or why it may be useful to view a list of your sources. However, there are people who will be interested in your reference. Here’s a list of people to write a bibliography for.

1. Your Professor

The most important person who will be interested in viewing your bibliography is your professor. The professor needs to know where you got the information concerning the paper topic to be sure that you have researched it thoroughly and have been working with credible academic sources.bibliography writing

The professor also wants to make sure that you haven’t plagiarized any information and that you’ve given citations properly. Colleges check papers for plagiarism very seriously, so it is very important to cite your sources and include a bibliography to avoid being accused of stealing someone else’s work.

2. Authors of the Work You Used

Speaking of plagiarism, authors of the work you used want to be cited properly. Writing is a creative and personal task for many people, and they do not want to see their ideas used somewhere else without mentioning their names. Even if you haven’t had a desire to steal one’s ideas or words and have done it unconsciously, without giving any reference, it is still plagiarism. To avoid it, simply include a bibliography in your paper.

3. Other Students

Students who are writing papers on the same subject might be interested in viewing your bibliography. This will tell the students where they can find information on the topic that will help them in their academic studies.

By including a bibliography in your paper, you can help other students avoid spending hours on researching. They can simply use the sources you’ve cited in your paper.

4. People Who Are Interested in Your Topic

People, who have read your paper and find themselves fascinated with the topic, may want to read more concerning it. Your bibliography will point them in the right direction. Many college students are true scholars with genuine love for learning. When these students read about a topic that interests them, they will naturally want to learn more. This is another reason why you should include a bibliography every time you write an academic paper.

5. People Who Disagree with You

People, who have read your paper and disagree with the arguments that you provide them with will be interested in the reference page as well. They may even think that some of your sources are not credible, or that you have included false arguments in your paper.

The bibliography will point these readers in your sources and prove that your arguments are valid. Perhaps after viewing your sources, these people will even come to agree with your opinion! Bibliography including helps you enter the academic conversation due to your ideas, which is one of the best learning experiences that college has to offer.

Although writing a bibliography can seem a bit tedious, it’s not a pointless task. There are several people, who genuinely want to see your sources, as well as you do not want to be accused of plagiarism, so you should always include a bibliography in your paper.

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Oct 27, 2016