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Finding the Gaps: Online Writer vs a Vis-a-Vis Partnership

Online WriterWhen hiring a writer, it can be tough to choose between picking someone online or choosing a person that you can meet in person.

Both options carry unique advantages and disadvantages, making it important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each variant. This article will help you assess which type of writers is the best for you.


If you have any issues with your project, you need to resolve them as soon as possible. Moreover, it is obvious that you want the person, you have hired, to clearly understand what is needed to be done.

In this case, working with someone face-to-face is a great option. You can sit down, have a personal conversation, and make sure that the person, you are interviewing, fully understands your requirements. Moreover, you can set up the next meeting if it is need.

An online writer does not have such an advantage. You have to communicate through email or Internet messenger, which makes it tougher to interact. There might be longer response time, and you will have to be very detailed in your project instructions.


While vis-a-vis meetings may offer better communication, but hiring a writer online is less time consuming. Face-to-face meeting requires planning and preparation; you have to dedicate some time for it as well as find a place where to meet with the person. Even more, this requires you to adjust your schedule.

Working with someone via the Internet eliminates these problems. You can send messages via messaging apps or services, like Skype or FaceTime.

Writing Samples

Writing samples are a great way to judge the quality of the writer’s work, before you hire him/her. You simply ask the writer to bring you some examples of his/her works. In this case, you can review them to see if they fit the tone and style that your assignment needs.

The offline writer can only show you few of his/her works, since he/she has to bring paper copies of projects, and it is obvious that he/she will not be able to carry a lot of examples with them.

The writer, you hire online, does not suffer from this problem. He/she can send you as many samples as you would like, since his/her copies will be entirely digital. Thus, online writers get one more benefit.

Online as well as offline writers have their own unique advantages as well as disadvantages. However, hiring the offline writers has a few major benefits than hiring the face-to-face ones.

While face-to-face writers are sometimes easier to communicate with, they lack many of other benefits that are more important.

Cooperating with the writers online is more convenient, as well as it is easier to transfer work samples and documents between the two of you. This makes hiring Internet-based writers an overall better option.

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Dec 26, 2016